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Johnny Got His Gun

Johnny Got His Gun
Directed by
Dalton Trumbo
Timothy Bottoms
Kathy Fields
Marsha Hunt
Jason Robards
Charles McGraw
Sandy Brown Wyeth
Don Red Barry
Peter Brocco
Kendell Clarke
Eric Christmas
Eduard Franz
Craig Bovia
Judy Howard Chaikin
Dalton Trumbo
Maurice Dallimore
Robert Easton
Larry Fleischman
Anthony Geary
Ed Gilbert
Ben Hammer
Milton Barnes
Wayne Heffley
Lynn Hanratty
Ernestine Johnston
Joseph Kaufmann
Mike Lee
Kerry MacLane
William Mims
Byron Morrow
Alice Nunn
Marge Redmond
Jodean Lawrence
Diane Varsi
David Soul
Peter Virgo Jr.
Gigi Vorgan
Jeffrey Walker
Bruce Watson
Winston Churchill
Xus Estruch
Ken Globus
Margaret Pellegrini
Philippe Ptain
Pepe Serna
Arthur Tovey
Tom Tryon
Tsarina Alexandra
Tsar Nicholas II
Woodrow Wilson

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