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Kingsman The Golden Circle
Matthew Vaughn
Edward Holcroft
Gordon Alexander
Hanna Alström
Calvin Demba
Tobi Bakare
Keith Allen
Tom Benedict Knight
Michael Gambon
Sophie Cookson
Björn Granath
Lena Endre
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Richard Stephenson Winter
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9th November 2017

Kenneth Branagh this week scores another number one film with his take on the Agatha Christie classic Murder On The Orient Express, and in turn knock an old friend from the top of the box office.

Directed by and starring Branagh along with a whole host of other big names like Judi Dench, Michelle Pfeiffer and Johnny Depp the film makes its debut with a respectable £4.9 million.

This already makes it his 4th most successful film as a director and by the end of its run it will be most likely 3rd with just Thor and Cinderella out doing it.

As just mentioned Branagh directed the first in the Thor series of films as by coincidence his new film knocks the latest Thor from the top spot.

Thor Ragnorak this week falls only to number 2, and it gave Murder On The Orient Express a good run for its money as it comes in with £4.6 million which brings the total gross to £20 million and its now the most successful Thor film in the UK.

Thor Ragnorak is still pulling in the audience and on a Monday to Sunday bases it would have by a long distance been the top film of the week taking in £8.1 million.

Also new this week is A Bad Moms Christmas which despite trying to celebrate Christmas in November, far too early, takes in £1.7 million at number 3.

Pokmon The Movie I Choose You and The Killing of the Sacred Deer are also new at numbers 9 and 10 respectively.

Kingsman The Golden Circle is the top total grossing movie this week with £24 million and the longest running film with 7 weeks on the chart.

Historical charts

A year ago
Doctor Strange kept its hold on the box office by staying at the top while top new film was the Ben Affleck starring The Accountant.

Five years ago
Skyfall was still the top film of the week while the top new film was Silent Hill Revelation (in 3D, it was Halloween!) which entered at 3.

Ten years ago
Ratatouille spent a 4th week at the top while 30 Days of Night from director David Slade was the top new film at 2.

Fifteen years ago
Sequel movie 28 Days Later was the top new film of the week making its debut at number 1, it knocked off XXX which fell to 2 after 2 weeks on top.

Twenty years ago
The Full Monty remained at the top on its 10th weekend, although not all of them had been at the top, highest new entry was LA Confidential at number 2.

Twenty five years ago
Beauty And The Beast spent its fourth weekend at the top while the highest new film was Boomerang starring Eddie Murphy at number 2.

11th October 2017

Its taken 35 years to produce a sequel to one of the greatest sci-fi movies of all time and Blade Runner 2049 does what its predecessor couldn't and tops the box office.

Its hard to draw comparisons when there is such a gap between two parts but Blade Runner was considered a flop on release and only later was considered a classic, although not setting the box office alight as expected the sequel does manage a £6 million debut.

The reviews and the anticipation should have perhaps demanded a £10 million plus opening, but perhaps the long running time and stylised cinematography put people off.

Falling to number 2 after 2 weeks on top is Kingsman The Golden Circle which still manages a very respectable £2.1 million.

This brings the films total to date to £19.4 million, this means the film has in 3 weeks outgrossed the originals 9 week gross of £16 million.

Also new this week is The Mountain Between Us at number 4 with £0.7 million and the event feature Nora from the Met Opera (Norma Met Opera 2017) at number 7.

For the first time in 8 weeks there is a new highest total grossing movie, although it is Despicable Me 3 which is also the longest running film with 15 weeks, it has grossed £47 million.

Historical Charts

A year ago
The Girl on the train starring Emily Blunt was the top film making its debut while Bridget Jones's Baby fell to number 2.

Five years ago
Making its debut at the top was Taken 2 starring Liam Neeson while Looper fell to number 2 after a week on top.

Ten years ago
Ben still starred in the Heartbreak Kid which debuted at number 1 while Run Fatboy Run fell from the top after 4 weeks at the top.

Fifteen years ago
Disneys Lilo and Stitch took over at the top while signs fell to number 3 after 3 weeks at the top.

Twenty years ago
The Full Monty spent its 6th week at the top while the top new film was Volcano starring Tommy Lee Jones at number 2.

Twenty five years ago
Patriot Games spent its second weekend at the top while the return on the Carry On films after 14 years away was the top new film at 2.

27th September 2017

This week the Michael Vaughn directed Kingsman The Golden Circle takes over the top of the UK chart with ease, IT makes a respectable fall to number 2.

Following on from the 2015 film Kingsman The Golden Circle this week makes its debut at number 1 with a weekend gross of £8.5 million.

Kingsman had a debut weekend of just over £4 million do the sequel has double that gross and has already made half of the originals total gross.

With this debut Kingsman 2 should be able to getting in the region of £25 - £30 million quite easily.

After a couple of weeks at the top IT falls to the runner up spot although it still manages a very respectable £2.8 million.

This brings the films total gross to £26.4 million, with plenty of milage left in the film we could be looking at £35 million total gross.

With the new Kingsman movie out this week studios didn't want to put anything of note against it so there are no other new film on the top ten.

Historical charts

A year ago
For a second weekend Bridget Jones's Baby was the top film of the weekend while the top new film of the week was The Magnificent Seven.

Five years ago
ParaNorman kept the the number 1 position for a second weekend while the highest new film was Killing Them Softly at number 2.

Ten years ago
Run Fatboy Run kept hold of number 1 for a third weekend while the top new film was Chuck and Larry at number 3.

Fifteen years ago
Making it 2 weeks on top was Signs while the top new film of the week was Swimfan at number 4.

Twenty years ago
Four weeks on top for The Full Monty while the top new film of the week was My Best Friends Wedding at number 2.

Twenty five years ago
The Unforgiven made its debut at the top of the box office while Lethal Weapon 3 fell down to number 2 after a 5 week reign at the top.

27th September 2017

IT has a good run at the US box office, and continues to do well, but it gave up the crown to Kingsman The Golden Circle this weekend.

Not a fantastic opening weekend for the British secret agent sequel but its $39 million was enough to see it open bigger than the first film.

As we enter the winter season with a number of big film on the horizon this will effect Kingsman 2s long term appeal, but for now its on a roll.

IT falls off the top after a couple of weeks at number 1 to number 2 with a weekend gross of around $30 million.

This pushed the films total gross after 3 weeks in the US to $266 million, and it is this week top total grossing movie on the US box office.

Also new this week are The LEGO Ninjago Movie which enters at number 3, after Batman and the Lego movie maybe a little disappointing, Friend Request at number 7 and Stronger at number 9.

Longest running film on the US chart this week is Wind River which this week notches up its 8th weekend.

25th April 2017

Sequel to the 2015 film Kinsman The Secret Service, Kingsman the Golden Circle gets its first trailer.

Its an all action affair with star Taron Egerton featuring throughout.

The star power has increased no end, check out the trailer below.

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UK release date:

Highest chart position: 1

Weeks on box office: 7

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17 November 2017
24 November 2017
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Total UK gross £24,883,225 and the 159th top grossing film in the UK

Total World gross $395,457,977 and the 259th top grossing film globally

UK BBFC Certificate: 15

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