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Kung Fu Yoga


Kung Fu Yoga
Stanley Tong
Jackie Chan
Disha Patani
Amyra Dastur
Aarif Rahman
Sonu Sood
Yixing Zhang
Sajjad Delafrooz
Eric Tsang
Miya Muqi
Damian Mavis
Temur Mamisashvili
Guoli Zhang
Tomer Oz
Paul Philip Clark
Joel Adrian
Fatih Ugurlu
Najmeddin AlHadad
David Torok
Eskindir Tesfay
Ebrahim Hassan
Ming Hu
Kevin Lee
Agust Bjarnason
Darren Grosvenor
Adam Stone
Alessio Miano
Anthony Gavard
Paul Allica
Matthew Ray Ruggles
Franz RĂ¼gamer
Joshua Linder
Erika Herbert

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6th February 2017

Jackie Chan is one of, if not the top grossing and most well know star in China and his vehicle Kung Fu Yoga tops the global box office this week.

Now released in 12 countries the film takes $51.4 million for the week which brings the films total gross to $178 million.

With Chinese films dominating the top 3 Split is sitting pretty at number 4 this week and highest new film of the week is Rings at number 5.

Released in 32 countries the latest film from the Ring franchise tajes $28.2 million from its debut weekend which is split almost half and half with America and the rest of the world.

Highest total grossing movie on the global top 10 is Sing which has now made a total global gross of $487 million.

30th January 2017

The Chinese box office exploded this past week and Journey to The West The Demon Strikes Back took over at the top of global box office with release in just 7 countries.

Two other Chinese releases also did really well in the shape of Buddies In India and Kung Fu Yoga starring Jackie Chan.

The Journey to The West sequel $85 million over the week and was far and away the top film globally, a quiet week across the rest of the world helped.

Split fell from the top to number 4 this week with a weekly gross of $41 million which brings its total gross to $101.6 million from 36 countries.

Also new this week is Buddies In India which is at number 2, released in 3 countries it takes $44 million across the globe this week.

Again due to its Asian release Kung Fu Yoga lands at number 5 this week, released in 5 countries the film takes $40 million.

Highest total grossing movie on the global box office this week is Sing which has now taken $463.7 million and is still released in 62 countries.

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10 February 2017
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Total UK gross £9,714 and the 6765th top grossing film in the UK