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Directed by
Jim Henson
David Bowie
Toby Froud
Shelley Thompson
Christopher Malcolm
Natalie Finland
Shari Weiser
Brian Henson
Ron Mueck
Rob Mills
Dave Goelz
David Alan Barclay
David Shaughnessy
Karen Prell
Timothy Bateson
Frank Oz
Michael Hordern
Denise Bryer
Steve Whitmire
Kevin Clash
Anthony Asbury
Anthony Jackson
Douglas Blackwell
David Healy
Robert Beatty
Toby Philpott
Ian Thom
Charles Augins
Sherry Amott
Danny John-Jules
Cheryl Henson
Kaefan Shaw
Alistair Fullarton
Rollin Krewson
Richard Bodkin
Percy Edwards
Marc Antona
John Aron
Elfrida Ashworth
Kenny Baker
Michael Henbury Ballan
Danny Blackner
Peter Burroughs
Toby Clark
Tessa Crockett
Terry Dane
Warwick Davis
Malcolm Dixon
Margaret Foyer
Anthony Georghiou
Elizabeth A. Gilbert
Louise Gold
Moira Grant
Paul Grant
Derek Hartley
Andrew Herd
Douglas Howes
Richard Jones
John Key
San Lee
Mark Lisle
Janis Mackintosh
Peter Mandell
Penny Marsden
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Leonie Palette
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Sharon White
Albert Wilkinson
Barrie J. Wilkinson
Michael Attwell
Sean Barrett
Toni Barry
John Bluthal
Peter Marinker
Steve Nallon
Jan Ravens
Enn Reitel
Kerry Shale
Mildred Shay

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1st June 2010

For many fans The Lord of the Rings is the greatest trilogy of films ever and when Peter Jackson announced that we would not direct the prequel, The Hobbit, the fan based moaned, then he announced that Guillermo del Toro would be directing and the fans cheered, then the series lost del Toro and the fans are sad again.

What's happened? It seems because of the legal problems with the rights to the film with MGM and Warner it's taken so long to get the ball rolling on the film del Toro has simply run out of time and had to leave.

Jackson and his staff are naturally all on board still and fighting to get the film made but the loss of the director is a massive blow, del Toro's films like Hellboy and Pans Labyrinth have proved that the director is more than capable of handling the film and in actual fact would have given the production the perfect style to accompany Jacksons originals.

Where will the films go now? Who knows, Sam Rami has been connected, will be interesting to see where it goes with him, Spidey trilogy shows he can miss on occasions but Evil Dead and Drag Me to Hell can show he has style, but maybe, just maybe Jackson will take the helm himself.

This is a big blow for the production and puts things on rocky ground; del Toro will still help with the script, which is something. Let hope a director can be found who can deliver, Neill Blomkamp anyone?

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The film has a UK gross of £424,340 and is the 3911st top grossing film in the UK

UK BBFC Certificate: U

Genres:Popular in: United Kingdom
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Highest chart position: 1

Weeks on box office: 6

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