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Limitless No one younger than 15 may see a 15 film in a cinema.


25th March

Directed by


Johnny Whitworth
Tomas Arana
Robert John Burke
Darren Goldstein
Ned Eisenberg
T.V. Carpio
Richard Bekins
Patricia Kalember
Cindy Katz
Brian Anthony Wilson
Rebecca Dayan
Ann Marie Green
Damali Mason
Meg McCrossen
Tom Bloom
Nina Hodoruk
Tom Teti
Stephanie Humphrey
Joseph McCarthy
Peter Pryor
Daniel Breaker
Chris McMullin
Dave Droxler
Luisina Quarleri
Piper Brown
Simon MacLean
Saxon Palmer
Stephen Sable
Caroline Maria Winberg
Damaris Lewis
Martha Ann Talman
Robert Bizik
Hugh Douglas
Howard Strong
Arlette de Alba
Eddie J. Fernandez
Ray Siegle
Nicolas le Guern
Richard Miller
Violeta Silva
Anna Parkinson
Laurence Roscoe
Caroline Winberg
Jennifer Butler
Juan Eloy Carrera
Daniel Ferro
Jason Furlani
Joel Garland
Ann-Marie Jordan
Ashley Klein
Michael J. Kraycik
Harry Mearing
Douglas Nelson
Sara Painter
B.J. Parker
Brian James Pepe
Mark Pricskett
Robert Rickert
Michelle Santiago
Chuck Schanamann
Ann Marie Seall
Will Souders
Jay Spadaro
Ann Talman
Rob Tode
Joe Zarriello
Robert Zrim

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5th April 2016

After a very successful debut a the top of the box office last week Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice makes a dramatic 70% drop this week but retains its position with little competition.

A £4.6 million second weekend was probably bigger than was ever expected but the film after 10 days has grossed £27.8 million, but will likely start its decent next week.

Highest new film of the week is the semi bio-pic Eddie The Eagle which makes its debut at number 2.

The film about the much loved British ski jumping star takes £2.8 million for the weekend, although it did make its debut on Monday night so this is a full weeks takings.

Deadpool is still the highest total grossing film on the box office having now taken £37.6 million.

Historical charts

A year ago
Fast and Furious 7 made its stunning debut at the top of the box office knocking Cinderella from the top to number 2.

Five years ago
Hop made its very timely Easter debut at the top of the box office while Limitless fell to number 3 after a week at the top.

Ten years ago
Inside Man kept itself at the top of the chart for another week Failure to Launch debuted highest at number 2.

Fifteen years ago
Miss Congeniality remained at the top keeping off Save The Last Dance which debuted at number 2.

Twenty years ago
Toy Story stayed at the top leaving Oscar winning Dead Man Walking to debut at number 2.

Twenty five years ago
King Ralph made its debut a the top knocking Look Who's Talking Too down to number 2 after a week at the top.

14th April 2011

The creators of Ice Age have done it again with a new franchise as the Brazilian flightless bird Rio takes the top spot from the hopping rabbit.

It was a slow weekend at the box office with only the top film taking over a million pound and that film is new entry Rio which debuts at the top with £1,515,853, there was little else to challenge the film with the only other new release entering at nine and ten with The Roommate and Mars Needs Moms. Staying firm in second place is Source Code which raked in £848,366 taking its total gross to £2,990,826.

Limitless also hold its position from last week staying in third place with a weekend gross of £737,417 which brings its total to a fairly good £5,744,993.

Four and five and taken up by last weeks rabbit fest falling quite hard with £611,367 taking its total to £2,623,612 and at five Sucker Punch seems to be suffering from not being a summer blockbuster taking £346,399 over the weekend to a total of £1,633,285. This weeks box office is well down on this time last year when Clash of the Titans was riding high on the charts and the top five was full of high earning films How to Train Your Dragon, Kick-Ass, Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang and Alice in Wonderland.

31st March 2011

Neil Burger takes his film Limitless to the top of the UK box office this week during its first weekend of release beating A Turtles Tale and The Eagle.

Grossing a crowd pleasing £2 million during its first weekend Limitless stars The Hangovers Bradley Cooper and legend Robert De Niro in a thriller about a man who takes a drug allowing him to use 100% of his brain.

Animated tale, A Turtles Tale is at two this week, debuting with a gross of £1.1 million the film, in 3D, stars the voice of Melanie Griffith.

New at three is The Eagle, Kevin Macdonald 300 style action thriller set in 140 AD. Staring Channing Tatum the film debuts with just over a million at the box office.

Rango takes a hard fall this week to 4 with a gross of £670,992 bringing it's total to £5,892,274, and Liam Neesons Unknown falls to 5 this week with £477,531 taking it's gross to £5,366,574. This weeks chart was down on this time last year when the Nanny McPhee sequel topped the chart in its debut week and high grossers Alice in Wonderland and Avatar were starting to slip out of the cinemas.

Movie details
UK total gross

US total gross

UK BBFC Certificate: 15

Box Office Breakdown
UK release date:

Highest chart position: 1

Weeks on box office: 7

Box Office Chart History