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Long Shot

Long Shot
Directed by
June Diane Raphael
This film has not been released in the UK yet
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Sun, 10th March 2019

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Wed, 13th March 2019

‘Long Shot’ Review: Romantic Comedies and Politics Make for Odd Bedfellows  Film School Rejects

'Long Shot' may contain some of the year's best jokes but the awkward mix of hangouts and politics ultimately proves too much for the Seth Rogen vehicle.

Mon, 11th March 2019

Long Shot release date, cast, plot, and more - All you need to know plus NEW trailer  Express

LONG SHOT is a new rom-com from the mind of comedic talent Seth Rogen. Here's all you need to know including the release date, cast and plot - plus a look at ...

Fri, 15th March 2019

“Long Shot” makes social commentary seem almost romantic  Boise State University The Arbiter Online

Whether he's being banned from North Korean and American cinemas with “The Interview” or creating cult classics with “Superbad,” Seth Rogen has no ...

Thu, 21st March 2019

We’re Sitting Down With Charlize Theron. Ask Her Your Question Here.  The New York Times

The actress will be in Austin for the SXSW premiere of “Long Shot,” a rom-com with Seth Rogen. We'll be asking her a selection of questions from readers.

Thu, 7th March 2019

12th July 2013

A duo of big releases will this weekend try and knock Despicable Me 2 from the top spot in the UK with both in with a chance.

Monsters University, the new film from Pixar and the sequel to 2002's Monsters Inc. is the film most likely to dislodge the Despicable Me sequel from the top.

There is such good buzz about for this film that I fully expect it to have the highest opening weekend of the year to date and could even have a debut weekend in the £20 million mark.

The original film in comparison had a £9.2 million opening and went on to gross £38 million in the UK, that was over 10 years ago.

Pacific Rim is the new film from Guillermo del Toro and despite never having had a major hit at the box office has a growing and loyal fan base, and this being a high budget Hollywood sci-fi film he will see bigger numbers that usual.

A top 5 placing is almost guaranteed, but beating Despicable Me 2 is a long shot and I suspect third place is where is will land, but runner up to Monsters University wouldn't surprise me.

3rd February 2010

He was the first writer/director to get a film past the $1 Billion world gross mark with a single film and this week James Cameron becomes the first writer/director to pass the $2 Billion dollar mark in world box office takings, with a single film.

James Cameron must be having a good year, his return to film making after a 12 year break has beaten his own box office landmark film Titanic, all in the same week that 12 years after he won his first Oscar, he's nominated for another, although he has tougher competition this time (his ex-wife!).

In 1998 he set the box office alight and Titanic took $1.8 Billion in box office grosses, passing a milestone figure that took another 5 years before a film would pass it again, and this week another milestone is set as Avatars gross reaches $2 Billion, but unlike Titanic in 1998 Avatar still has some mileage left in it.

With the rate of tickets being sold the possibility of Avatar reaching $2.5 Billion is not out of the question, $3 Billion could be a stretch thought.

To look at this correctly though we need to take into consideration inflation, cinema tickets cost nearly half the price in 1998 as they do in 2010, which means that per head watching Titanic on the big screen it's probably still ahead of Avatar, but the gap is certainly closing fast.

Titanic of course isn't by a long shot the biggest film by the number of tickets sold, that honor goes to Gone With the Wind, which may never be beaten. Another thing to remember, boosting Avatar's box office takings is the appalling extra charge for the glasses if you choose to see the film in 3D. So until Cameron's next film Avatar will probably sit pretty as the only film to gross anywhere near $3 Billion pound?

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