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Mack The Knife No one younger than 15 may see a 15 film in a cinema.


Mack The Knife

Directed by

Menahem Golan


Richard Harris
Julia Migenes
Roger Daltrey
Julie Walters
Rachel Robertson
Clive Revill
Erin Donovan
Julie T. Wallace
Louise Plowright
Elizabeth Seal
Chrissie Kendall
Miranda Garrison
Mark Northover
Roy Holder
Clive Mantle
Russell Gold
John Woodnutt
Peter Rutherford
Iain Rogerson
Steven Law
Dong Ji Hong
Sndor Kaposy
Leslie Meadows
Robert Grose
John Thornton
Kelly George
Aidan Cook
kos Hargitai
Gyrgy Szilgyi
Istvn Boros
Gyrgy Jellinek
Lszl Tth
Michael Kropf
Lszl Merk
Krisztina Molnr
Rita Horvth
Gyngyvr Oszlnyi
Albert Reisenleitner
Mikls Zsombori
va Regenhart
Stephanie Page

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