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Directed by

Stephen Belber


Gavin Bristol
Collin Crowley
Dominic Fumusa

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Anger Management Movie Review  Arizona Daily Register

This was a movie which had a lot of potential to get the best out of Adam Sandler but which ultimately failed to deliver. Fans of Adam Sandler may enjoy this ...

Fri, 23rd August 2019

James Wan Finds Male Lead for His Next Horror Movie (EXCLUSIVE)  Variety

George Young has landed the male lead role opposite Annabelle Wallis in James Wan's upcoming horror pic.

Fri, 23rd August 2019

Liam Hemsworth’s management ‘annoyed’ after split with Miley overshadows new film  Irish Mirror

The 29-year-old actor has allegedly refused to attend promotional events for 'The Killerman' in Los Angeles as he wants to remain in Australia to heal from a ...

Sun, 18th August 2019

‘American Factory’ Review: The New Global Haves and Have-Nots  The New York Times

“The most important thing is not how much money we earn,” the Chinese billionaire Cao Dewang says in “American Factory” soon before we see him on a ...

Tue, 20th August 2019

American Factory Paints a Bleak Picture, But Not an Angry One  Vanity Fair

Steven Bognar and Julia Reichert's new documentary, about culture clashes at an American automotive factory, has gotten a thumbs up from the Obamas—for ...

Fri, 23rd August 2019

Taylor Swift ‘believes’ Harvey Weinstein’s alleged sexual misconduct victims  Metro.co.uk

Taylor Swift has spoken out on the Harvey Weinstein sexual misconduct allegations and supports his alleged victims.

Sun, 25th August 2019

15th June 2013

After a bad reception and opening weekend in America the UK shows more love for Will Smith and son by taking After Earth to the top.

Directed by M. Night Shyamalan, once the talk of Hollywood, After Earth stars the two Smith boys in a film set 1000 years from now in a time when there are no people left on earth. A quiet week for new releases mean that a £2.2 million gross saw off last weeks top film, Hangover Part III which slips to second place.

Last year Prometheus was still at the top of the box office while horror film The Pact was the highest new film at 4 with just £900,000 for the weekend.

Five years ago Sex and the City was still keeping the top spot warm which slapstick comedy Superhero The Movie was the highest new film at 3 with £800,000. Ten year ago The Matrix Reloaded was still at the top as Anger Management crept into number 2 with £1.7 million.

Fifteen years ago Adam Sandler was there again hitting the top spot with The Wedding Singer which debuted at the top with £1 million.

21st January 2011

This is an odd one, Amazon is all set to buy LOVEFiLM, a move Amazon is making to get ahead in the European market of DVD/Blu-ray/online streaming services before the American giant Netflix gets a chance. But why is it an odd move?

There have been a number of online postal rental movie services in the UK from Screen Select to LOVEFiLM of which LOVEFiLM has eventually become the biggest, mainly by acquiring all the others, although in reality LOVEFiLM is actually Screen Select, when the merger of the two companies happened the Screen Select management team stayed in place with their systems but they thought the LOVEFiLM name was better.

Included in the many companies that offered online postal DVD rentals was Amazon, a service which was very good, much better than LOVEFiLM, but after only a couple of years LOVEFiLM bought the rental only service from Amazon, but Amazon became a major stakeholder in LOVEFiLM.

Now the whole story has gone full circle and Amazon will own the company outright, what I would like to see is the service integrated back into the Amazon website.

Amazon are making the right move, LOVEFiLM is now streaming on the PS3 and before long I can see it happening on many other devices, Apple TV maybe, Freeview HD boxes, and the killer, directly to TV's, Sony produce a lot of TV's and the relationship is already in play through the PS3.

It's a smart move for Amazon and one, which I am sure, will finally put the old high street movie rental stores into history, sorry Blockbuster we will remember you fondly but I think your time is up.

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