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Midnight Special


Jeff Nichols
Michael Shannon
Joel Edgerton
Kirsten Dunst
Jaeden Lieberher
Adam Driver
Bill Camp
Scott Haze
Sam Shepard
Paul Sparks
David Jensen
Sharon Landry
Dana Gourrier
Sharon Garrison
Allison King
Sean Bridgers
Lucy Faust
James Moses Black
Yvonne Landry
Maureen Brennan
Ann Mahoney
Garrett Hines
Kerry Cahill
Wayne Pere
Dane Rhodes
Lee Zurik
Nicondra Norwood
Billy Slaughter
Sam Malone
Sean Kaplan
James DuMont
Nancy Grace
Lynn Berry
Alexander Eldimiati
DArcy Allen
John L. Armijo
Jon Arthur
Michelle Benet
Eric Berris
Hayley Blackall
Nathan Brimmer
David Michael Cefalu
Ron Centanni
Kyle Crosby
Robert Bigg Sarge Deon
Neil Durr
Greg Faul
Rudy Franklin
Rebecca Gamble
Lyle R. Guidroz
Melodi Hallenbeck
Vincent Eugene Hatten
Ryan Hebert
John Henry
Jacquelyn Twodat Jackson
Chadwick Johnson
Wendy Clarice Jordan
Cory Kapahulehua
Patrick Kearns
Darlene Kellum
Steve Kish
Cynthia LeBlanc
Elton LeBlanc
Justin Lebrun
John R Mangus
Claire McReynolds
Mike R. Moreau
Broc Morgan
Christy Moritz
Duane Moseley
Scott Everett Nichols
Jay Oliver
McKenna Pippen
Joshua Probus
Zachary Probus
Sarah Jane Sanders
Plynlymmon Sanguis
William Schaff
Keith Schillari
Kari Shemwell
Kerry Sims
Edward Rashad Smith
Lisa Ann Smith
Damon Somers
Amy Emily Stack
John Teal Jr.
Joseph Uzzell
M. Jearl Vinot
Alfonzo Walker
Brian Les Weinberger
Brady Yarborough
Jesse Yarborough

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16th August 2016

The UK video chart this week has Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice stay at the top for a second week.

With the film not performing as well as expected at the box office and Warner Bros. releasing an extended version of video the film is selling really well.

Highest new film then lands at number 2 in the shape of Eddie the Eagle, a film released in the UK on April 8th 2016.

The film loosely based on the life of British Olympic ski jumper Eddie Edwards landed at number 2 on the box office help off the top spot by the Batman V Superman film.

A 5 week run on the box office top 15 and another 7 weeks at UK cinemas saw the film take £8.6 million in box office takings.

The film took $46 million is global grosses.

Also new this week is Batman The Killing Joke at number 5, although the film has been bubbling away in the lower regions of the chart for a couple of weeks.

Midnight Special enters at number 6 and Tale of Tales is new at number 16, finally Sing Street makes a debut at number 20.

13th April 2016

It may not have Snow White this time but The Huntsman Winters War makes its debut at the top of the UK box office.

A prequel to 2012's Snow White and The Huntsman this new film has gone one better by making to top of the box office, but has not matched the debut gross.

Huntsman has taken £3.02 million on its debut, half a million less that its predecessor, but its still in the same ball park and could have a similar pattern of release.

Falling to number 3 this week is Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice which takes £2.2 million from the weekend.

The film has failed to ignite the box office in the way the Marvel film have but still the total gross to date is £33.3 million and the highest on the box office.

Also new this week on the top 10 are: Midnight Special at 6 and Hardcore Henry at number 10.

Historical Charts

A year ago
Fast and Furious 7 stayed at the top while The DUFF was the highest bew film at number 4.

Five years ago
Rio made its debut at the top ahead of the Easter holidays while Source Code slipped to number 2.

Ten years ago
Ice Age: The Meltdown makes its debut at the top of the box office and will a brand new top 3 Inside Man drops to number 4.

Fifteen years ago
Rugrats In Paris The Movie makes its debut at the top while Miss Congeniality falls into second place.

Twenty years ago
Toy Story held on firm at the top while the highest new film was Billy Madison at number 4.

Twenty five years ago
Quigley Down Under made its debut on top while King Ralph fell into second place.

Chart info

UK release date:

Highest chart position: 6

Weeks on box office: 2

Chart history
Finer details

Total UK gross £944,683 and the 2869th top grossing film in the UK