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5th May
Mississippi Burning

Directed by


Gene Hackman
Willem Dafoe
Frances McDormand
Brad Dourif
R. Lee Ermey
Gailard Sartain
Stephen Tobolowsky
Michael Rooker
Pruitt Taylor Vince
Badja Djola
Kevin Dunn
Frankie Faison
Thomas B. Mason
Geoffrey Nauffts
Rick Zieff
Christopher White
Gladys Greer
Jake Gipson
Dianne Lancaster
Stanley W. Collins
Daniel Winford
Marc Clement
Larry Shuler
Stephen Bridgewater
Bob Penny
James F. Moore
Park Overall
Georgia F. Wise
Lois Allen
Barry Davis Jim Sr.
Dan Desmond
Darius McCrary
Lou Walker
Billie Jean Young
Alisa R. Patrick
Barbara Gibson
Pat Funderburk
Dawn Boyd
Dwight Boyd
Linda Fuller
George Isbell
Ethel L. Mayes
James Arnold Mayes
George Mason
Charles Franzen
Harry Franklin
Virginia Bennett
James Lloyd
Jesse Merle Speaks
Simeon Teague
Tonea Stewart
Harry Quick
Cullen Gilliland
Zeke Davidson
Robert F. Colesberry
Frederick Zollo
Judy Sasser
Mark Jeffrey Miller
Ed Geldart
Mert Hatfield
James Eric
Paul Savelis
John P. Fertitta
Ron De Roxtra
Doug Jackson
Gary Moody
Robert Erickson
John Brook
Tobin Bell
Daniel Chapman
Rick Washburn
Robert Glaudini
Ken Magee
Everett Thrall
Bernice Poindexter
Brenda Dunlap
Lannie Spann McBride
Jack Buck
Major Combs
Ralnardo Davis
Betty Lucille DeJournette
Paul Henderson
W. Mitchell Morgan
Ralph Pruitt Vaughn
James Lowell Turnham

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Mississippi Burning

UK BBFC Certificate: 18

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