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Murder In The First

Murder In The First
Directed by
Marc Rocco
Kevin Bacon
Embeth Davidtz
William H. Macy
Stephen Tobolowsky
Brad Dourif
R. Lee Ermey
Mia Kirshner
Ben Slack
Stefan Gierasch
Kyra Sedgwick
Alex Bookston
Richie Allan
Herb Ritts
Charles Boswell
David Michael Sterling
Michael Melvin
George Maguire
Nick Scoggin
Douglas Bennett
Joseph Richards
Julius Varnado
Tony Barr
Stuart Nisbet
Gary Ballard
Randy Pelish
Neil Summers
Sonny King
Eddie Bowz
Brian Leckner
Time Winters
James Keane
Lance Brady
Michael Merrins
Ray Quartermus
Lee Mathis
Wayne Parks
Warren Spottswood
Thomas Fenske
Robert Lee
Sheldon Feldner
Fred Franklin
Danny Kovacs
Joseph Lucas
William Hall
Bill Barretta
Randall Dudley
Wally Rose
Amanda Borden
Eve Brenner
Joseph Cole
Richard Kwong
Gary Lee Davis
Bundy Chanock
Tory Christopher
James Anthony Cotton
Charles Cyphers
Laird Macintosh
Mary Mackey
Theo Mayes
Dennis Pappalardo
Douglas W. Randall
Joseph Quinn Simpkins
James A. Swan
Nicole Vigil
Ryken Zane

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11th December 2015

A third week at the top for The Hunger Games: Mockingly Part 2 in the wake of little in the way of new releases in the UK.

The box office is on hold at the moment waiting for one of the biggest releases of the year which left room for Mockingly to make £2.2 million.

This brings the total UK gross for the last of The Hunger Games films to £23.3 million after 3 weeks of release.

Highest new film of the week is Christmas with the Coopers, an all American movie about family meeting up for the holiday season.

A very low debut gross of nearly £700,000 puts the film at number 5, little chance of this film having longevity at the box office though.

Highest total grossing film on the box office is Spectre which has to date grossed over £90 million and this week is at number 3.

Historical charts

A year ago
Padding retained its position at the top of the box office while the top new film was Penguins of Madagascar at 3.

Five years ago
Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1 stayed put at the top with Megamind the highest new film at 2.

Ten years ago
Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire was still the top film, a quiet week saw the highest new film at number 4 with Keeping Mum.

Fifteen years ago
How The Grinch Stole Christmas (look out for the remake in the coming years) was the top new film debuting at number 1, it knocked off Charlies Angels which fell to 2.

Twenty years ago
Goldeneye was riding the top of the box office while Murder in the First was the highest new film coming in at 2.

Twenty five years ago
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was still at the top with Repossessed the highest new film at number 2.

Movie details

The film has a UK gross of £804,934 and is the 3232nd top grossing film in the UK

UK BBFC Certificate: 15

Box Office
UK release date:

Highest chart position: 2

Weeks on box office: 3

Box Office History