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Directed by
Dan Gilroy
Jake Gyllenhaal
Michael Papajohn
Marco Rodriguez
Bill Paxton
James Huang
Kent Shocknek
Pat Harvey
Sharon Tay
Rick Garcia
Leah Fredkin
Bill Seward
Rick Chambers
Holly Hannula
Jonny Coyne
Nick Chacon
Kevin Dunigan
Eric Lange
Alex Ortiz
Carolyn Gilroy
Kevin Rahm
Ann Cusack
Rene Russo
Kiff VandenHeuvel
Christina de Leon
Juan Fernandez
Dig Wayne
Myra Turley
Merritt Bailey
Lisa Remillard
Jamie McShane
Manuel Lujan
Michael Hyatt
Christopher McShane
Price Carson
Bill Blair
Aaron Bledsoe
Viviana Chavez
Tyler Cole
Emily Dahm
Chad Guerrero
Jason Heymann
David Dustin Kenyon
Anne McDaniels
Austin Raishbrook
Dale Shane
Damien Snow
Troy Williams
Adrian Winther
Kathleen York

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9th March 2015

Director Mike Leigh's latest film starring Timothy Spall about the painter J.M.W. Turner takes over at the top of the video chart on it's first week of release.

The film was released on 31st October 2015 and on it's first week entered the box office chart at number 7, after a flurry of good reviews and release in more cinemas the film ir number 2 the following week.

The film as a 5 week run inside the top 15 but has continued to pull in movie goers in the weeks following right up to it's release on home video.

During it's time at the box office it has taken a total gross (to date) of £7.7 million. In America it came out February 2015 and has taken $3.3 million so far.

Fury falls just the single place to number 2 this week after it's debut at the top.

A flurry of other new film this week include: Nightcrawler at 3, Pride at 4, Dying of The Light at 8 and Love Rosie at 12 .

4th November 2014

At the US box office this week there was a big battle for the top spot for which new movie Nightcrawler was just beating Ouija in early released figures.

Jake Gyllenhaal stars in the film about an independent reporter crawling the street looking for a story, the film had taken just over $10 million according to early figures which just placed it on top.

Falling to number 2 is Ouija, which is only $9,000 behind the top spot figure, but once full figures are in it could all change.

On the whole it was an incredibly weak weekend at the US box office caused by Halloween being on a weekend night and sporting events.

Movie details
UK total gross
UK top grossing film

UK BBFC Certificate: 15

Box Office
UK release date:

Highest chart position: 6

Weeks on box office: 3

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