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Norm Of The North


Trevor Wall
Rob Schneider
Colm Meaney
Loretta Devine
Michael McElhatton
Maya Kay
Gabriel Iglesias
Salome Jens
Charles Adler
G.K. Bowes
Debi Derryberry
Ben Diskin
Keith Ferguson
Dan Gordon
Jess Harnell
Kate Higgins
Mikey Kelley
Rove McManus
Emily Polydoros
Eric Price
Nick Shakoour
Max Spitz
Janet Varney
Rick D. Wasserman
Cathy Cavadini
Asher Glaser
Rachel Grate
Jamie Lissow
Julia Max
Candi Milo

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26th July 2016

On the UK video charts the sequel movie London Has Fallen makes its debut at the top knocking off The Divergent Series Allegiant.

London Has Fallen how UK cinemas on 4th March 2016 as a sequel to Olympus Has Fallen from 2013, the film hit the top of the box office on its debut weekend.

A sizeable hit the film was on the box office for 5 weeks and then hung around cinemas for another 8 weeks after that.

A £10.9 million total gross in the UK isn't bad for a disaster movie of this kind, but hte film did perform far better in the UK than in other countries, possibly the setting being part of the reason.

After a debut at the top last week The Divergent Series Allegiant falls to number 3 this week with Kung Fu Panda 3 holding firm at number 2.

Other new film this week are The Witch at number 5 and High Rise at number 7, Norm of The North is new at 11 and The Trust debuts at number 12.

18th January 2016

After 4 week Star Wars: The Force Awakens ends its run at the top and drops down the third place making room for Ride Along 2.

The sequel comedy makes its US debut at the top with a gross os $34 million from just over 3,000 cinemas and a screen average of $10.721.

Top Oscar nominated The Revenant remains at 2 this week with the award ceremony certanly giving the film a boost, and with the film destined to win big this film could stay for a bit.

The Force Awakens fall to number 3 this wee with $25.1 million which increases it total to gross to $851 in the US, far and away making to top grossing film ever there.

Also new is 13 Hours The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi at number 4 and Norm of The North at number 6.

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Non-chart history
18 March 2016
18 March 2016
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Total UK gross £87,287 and the 4956th top grossing film in the UK