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Open Season

Directed by
Robert Wuhl
Lloyd Adams
Robert Wuhl
Eric Bryson
Marcy King
Rick Forsayeth
Barry Flatman
Timothy Arrington
Gailard Sartain
Rod Taylor
Elizabeth Goodyear
Craig Eldridge
Frank Moore
Dolores Toth
Marilyn Boyle
Faye Deabreu
O.J. Kane
Sara Beth Clark
Howard Hoover
Dwight Bacquie
Burke Lawrence
Steven C. White
Catherine Kellner
Maggie Han
Roger Dunn
Maggie Butterfield
Drew Jurecka
Jaya Karsemeyer
Conrad Coates
Hadley Sandiford
Darlene Cooke
Jude Gerard Prest
Vladimir Pritsker
Mila Kanev
Cliff Turner
George Buza
Alexe Duncan
Lindsay Leese
Bob Costas
Helen Shaver
Colin Fox
Andrew Moody
Jackie Harris
Bruce Deaton
Joanna Hartley
Kate Asner
Danny Smith
Regis Philbin
Jonathan Hartman
Tony Guida
Suzanne Krull
Suzanne Barker
Alex Laurier
Saul Rubinek
Jovanni Sy
Marvin Ishmael

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18th October 2016

With a new Tom Hanks film in cinemas and a Dan Brown adaptation at that it was assumed that The Girl on The Train would be a one week wonder, but Inferno was not strong enough.

Emily Blunt thus makes it 2 weeks at the top with The Girl on The Train with a second weekend gross of £3.4 million.

This brings the total gross of the film in the UK to £13.6 million, if you compare this to last years Gone Girl it is actually head of that films £9 million after 2 weeks.

Highest new entry of the week comes in at number 2 in the shape of Inferno from the book by Dan Brown and a sequel to The De Vinci Code and Angela and Demons.

Inferno makes in debut with £2.9 million which is the lowest of the series so far, The De Vinci Code and Angela and Demons made £9 million and £6 million respectively on their debuts.

Also new this week is Storks at number 3 and event movie Miss Saigon 25th Anniversary Performance which was a one off performance in Saturday night.

Longest running film this week is Finding Dory with 12 weeks, it is also the highest total grossing movie with £42 million, this is far higher that Finding Nemo even if you take inflated ticket prices into account.

Historical charts

A year ago
Hotel Transylvania 2 was the film making its debut at the top, it knocked The Martian down to number 2.

Five years ago
Johnny English Reborn stayed at the top for a second weekend while top new film was The Three Musketeers at number 3.

Ten years ago
The Departed went to the top of the box office after making its debut at number 2 the previous week think Open Season was the top new film.

Fifteen years ago
American Pie 2 was new at the top while Moulin Rouge slipped down to number 2 after going back to the top.

Twenty years ago
The Nutty Professor stayed at the top for a second week while top new film was Robin Williams in Jack.

Twenty five years ago
Drop Dead Fred was the new film at the top while Out For Justice fell from the top to number 6.

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