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Over The Top

Directed by
Menahem Golan
Robert Loggia
Susan Blakely
Rick Zumwalt
David Mendenhall
Chris McCarty
Terry Funk
Bob Beattie
Allan Graf
Magic Schwarz
Bruce Way
Jimmy Keegan
John Braden
Tony Munafo
Randy Raney
Paul Sullivan
Jack Wright
Sam Scarber
Richie Giachetti
Michael Fox
Ross St. Phillip
Seth Mitchell
Dale Benson
Joe Kiel
Dean Abston
Flo Lawrence
David Van Gorder
Kelly Sahnger
Charles M. Wilborn
Terry Burns
William Buck
Bob Eazor
Ed Levitt
Andrew Rhodes
Bob Rogers
Reggie Bennett
Joshua Lee Patton
James Mendenhall
Danny Capri
Gregory Braendel
Sly Smith
Rose Dursey
Marion Mickens II
Dave Patton
Alexa Lambert
Ronnie Rondell Jr.
James H. Shana
Norman Howell
Rex Pierson
Stephanie Blake
Christine Bridges
John Brzenk
Scott Buzz
Richard Levine
Paul Dion Monte
Scott Norton
Derek A. Smith
Connie Woods

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27th September 2017

This week the Michael Vaughn directed Kingsman The Golden Circle takes over the top of the UK chart with ease, IT makes a respectable fall to number 2.

Following on from the 2015 film Kingsman The Golden Circle this week makes its debut at number 1 with a weekend gross of £8.5 million.

Kingsman had a debut weekend of just over £4 million do the sequel has double that gross and has already made half of the originals total gross.

With this debut Kingsman 2 should be able to getting in the region of £25 - £30 million quite easily.

After a couple of weeks at the top IT falls to the runner up spot although it still manages a very respectable £2.8 million.

This brings the films total gross to £26.4 million, with plenty of milage left in the film we could be looking at £35 million total gross.

With the new Kingsman movie out this week studios didn't want to put anything of note against it so there are no other new film on the top ten.

Historical charts

A year ago
For a second weekend Bridget Jones's Baby was the top film of the weekend while the top new film of the week was The Magnificent Seven.

Five years ago
ParaNorman kept the the number 1 position for a second weekend while the highest new film was Killing Them Softly at number 2.

Ten years ago
Run Fatboy Run kept hold of number 1 for a third weekend while the top new film was Chuck and Larry at number 3.

Fifteen years ago
Making it 2 weeks on top was Signs while the top new film of the week was Swimfan at number 4.

Twenty years ago
Four weeks on top for The Full Monty while the top new film of the week was My Best Friends Wedding at number 2.

Twenty five years ago
The Unforgiven made its debut at the top of the box office while Lethal Weapon 3 fell down to number 2 after a 5 week reign at the top.

3rd October 2016

Across the globe this week Miss Peregrines School for Peculiar Children took over the top of the global box office charts on its debut week of release.

Taking a fairly average $65 million over the week from a wide 60 country release it is still good enough to double the takings of the number 2 film of the week.

Falling quite hard down to number 4 this week is last weeks top film The Magnificent Seven, the western takes $30 million for the weekend from 69 countries which brings its total gross to $108 million.

Also worth a mention this week is the film at number 2, climbing up this week after a wider release in 2 other countries I Belong To You takes $33.9 million for a total of $44.9 million.

Highest total grossing film on the global top 10 is Bridget Jones's Baby, despite a slow burn in most countries apart from the UK the film has taken $120 million and is still out in 51 countries.

20th September 2016

There was never going to be any other outcome this weekend as the countries favourite unlucky in love and life Bridget Jones returns to our screens after 12 years away.

Bridget Jones's baby flies into the top on its debut weekend after a fairly aggressive marketing push and the best September weekend ever.

An £8.1 million debut took the film to the top of the box office which is highest than the first film in the series but a couple of million why of the follow up.

With the holiday season coming up and good work of mouth and reviews this could give the film a good run although the other 2 film came in at over £35 million and over £40 million which could be a tough ask.

Sausage party falls to number 4 this week after 2 weeks at the top, a £0.6 million weekend gross brings the total UK takings to £6.6 million.

For the first time in a while only one film on the box office takes over a million pound, although with Jones's gross the box office is on a fairly even total gross to other weeks.

Highest total grossing film of the week is Finding Dory, now on over £40 million, and longest run is The BFG, now around for 8 week.

Historical charts

A year ago
Movie goers had vertigo as Everest took over the top of the charts knocking Legend down to number 2.

Five years ago
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy made its debut at the top of the box office knocking The Indetweeners down to number 2 after 4 weeks at the top.

Ten years ago
Talladega Nights The Ballad of Ricky Bobby made its debut at the top and with an all new top 3 You, Me and Dupree fell to number 4.

Fifteen years ago
Moulin Rouge stayed at the top of the box office keeping off the highest new film at number 2 The Fast and The Furious.

Twenty years ago
Emma took over at the top of the box office on its debut weekend knocking Independence Day off the top after a fantastic 6 week run.

Twenty five yeas ago
Terminator 2: Judgment Day was still at the top of the box office, 5 weeks and counting, while Regarding Henry was the top new film landing at 2.

20th September 2016

At the global box office this week Bridget Jones's Baby out grossed everything else in its path to become the top grossing global film of the week. Released in 40 countries the film easily tok over the top spot, although interestingly the leading country for grosses was the UK and not as is often the case America.

Falling from the top is Sully which enjoyed a healthy second week of release , still in 45 countries it took $29 million over the week and is not just below $100 million globally.

Worth of mention is The Age of Shadows which was the highest debuting film last week, still only out in South Korea and climbs to number 3 this week globally with $21.5 million.

Also doing well and at number 4 is A Chinese Odyssey Part Three: The End, released in 2 countries it is new at 4 with $17.3 million.

Top total grossing film on the global box office this week is once again The Secret Life of Pets, this week at number 8 with a global gross of $804 million.

19th August 2016

Despite there being 7 new releases hitting the top 15 films this week the top five films in the UK remain unchanged from last week with Suicide Squad remaining at the top.

On its second weekend of release the DC comics anti-hero picture took £4.2 million, down just over 66% from the previous weekend.

The film has now taken £22 million during its 10 days of release and is not that far behind stable mate Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice.

With the rest of the top 4 remaining fairly static the highest new film of the week is Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates starring Zak Efron and Anna Kendrick.

The comedy film took just over a million pound on its debut weekend in the UK, but the suspicion is it will fall fast in the coming weeks ready for a home video release.

Big suprise of the week is the Disney remake of Petes Dragon landing at number 6 with £844,090, one of the Mouse Houses smallest hits in a while.

Other new films this week are Newrve at number 7, The Shallows at number 8, Mohenjo Daro at number 11, Rustom at number 12 and finally Wiener Dog at number 14.

Longest running film this week and highest total gross is The Secret Life of Pets, 8 weeks on the chart and £33 million.

Historical Charts

A year ago
Pixels made its debut at the top of the box office smashing Fantastic Four down to number 6 after a single week at the top.

Five years ago
Rise of The Planet of The Apes took over the top spot on its debut knocking off Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 which fell to number 3.

Ten years ago
Cars remained at the top of the box office for a third week while highest new entry was Monster House right down at number 4.

Fifteen years ago
Cats and Dogs remained at the top of the box office for another week with The Parole Officer entering highest at number 5.

Twenty years ago
Independence Day was the top new film of the week making its debut at the top with Twister falling to number 2 on its third week of release.

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Over The Top

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