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Pacific Rim


Pacific Rim
Charlie Hunnam
Diego Klattenhoff
Rinko Kikuchi
Charlie Day
Burn Gorman
Max Martini
Robert Kazinsky
Clifton Collins Jr.
Brad William Henke
Larry Joe Campbell
Mana Ashida
Santiago Segura
Joe Pingue
Milton Barnes
Brian Frank
Ellen McLain
David Fox
Jake Goodman
Robin Thomas
Julian Barnes
David Richmond-Peck
Charles Luu
Lance Luu
Mark Luu
Robert Maillet
Heather Doerksen
Joshua Peace
Sebastian Pigott
Victoria Marie
Roger Wong
J.C. Kenny
Jane Watson
Robert Morse
Paul Michael Wyers
Tyler Stevenson
Mike Chute
Duncan McLeod
Louis Paquette
Matthew G. Taylor
Terry Belleville
Frank Nakashima
Farzad Sadrian
Mishu Vellani
Clive Walton
Peter Kosaka
Yiren Stark
Hubert Tran
Trek Buccino
Drew Adkins
Kelvin Lum
Soo David Chum Ling
Randy Lee
Jung-Yul Kim
Kaelyn Wong
Mark Baldesarra
Timothy Gibbs
Derek Herd
Phi Huynh
Justin Major
Sunil Narkar
Don Shirey
Cindy Sit
Bonnie Siu
Alan Tang
Joe Vercillo
Neil Whitely
Emerson Wong
William S. Wong

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17th July 2013

The heat wave the UK is experiencing largely kept audiences away from cinemas over the weekend and for a week with 2 big releases nothing did that well at the box office.

Monsters University was the champion debuting in the top spot but it's £3.46 million gross is way lower than expected.

Despicable Me 2 drops to second place with £2.22 million and second highest new entry Pacific Rim has come up very close behind with £2.19 million. Inline with my predictions Monsters University debut at the top, although I predicted the highest debut weekend of the year and it fell short by £8 million and Pacific Rim did debut in third.

Last year Ice Ace Continental Drift finally for a national release after a couple of weeks on limited and went back to the top of the box office with £10 million knocking The Amazing Spider-Man from the top after a single week.

Highest new film (of sorts) was Magic Mike at 3.

Five years ago Mamma Mia stormed the box office on it's debut weekend taking the top spot from Hancock which fell to runner up spot. Mamma Mia would go on to be the highest grossing film in the UK for a short time.

Ten years ago Charlie's Angels Full Throttle was still at the top with Daddy Daycare being the highest new film at 3.

Fifteen years ago Six Days Seven Nights was the top film with Mad City the highest debut at 6.

12th July 2013

A duo of big releases will this weekend try and knock Despicable Me 2 from the top spot in the UK with both in with a chance.

Monsters University, the new film from Pixar and the sequel to 2002's Monsters Inc. is the film most likely to dislodge the Despicable Me sequel from the top.

There is such good buzz about for this film that I fully expect it to have the highest opening weekend of the year to date and could even have a debut weekend in the £20 million mark.

The original film in comparison had a £9.2 million opening and went on to gross £38 million in the UK, that was over 10 years ago.

Pacific Rim is the new film from Guillermo del Toro and despite never having had a major hit at the box office has a growing and loyal fan base, and this being a high budget Hollywood sci-fi film he will see bigger numbers that usual.

A top 5 placing is almost guaranteed, but beating Despicable Me 2 is a long shot and I suspect third place is where is will land, but runner up to Monsters University wouldn't surprise me.

Chart info

UK release date:

Highest chart position: 3

Weeks on box office: 4

Chart history
Finer details

Total UK gross £7,980,797 and the 728th top grossing film in the UK

Total World gross $407,585,482 and the 245th top grossing film globally

UK BBFC Certificate: 12