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Directed by
Levi Miller
Garrett Hedlund
Adeel Akhtar
Nonso Anozie
Kathy Burke
Lewis MacDougall
Cara Delevingne
Tae-joo Na
Jack Charles
Bronson Webb
Mike Shepherd
Brian Bovell
Kurt Egyiawan
Jimmy Vee
Paul Hunter
Spencer Wilding
Dean Nolan
Giacomo Mancini
Neil Bell
Phill Martin
Gabriel Andreu
Michael Ryan
Kavern Batchelor
Orlando Loo Alfred
Ami Metcalf
Amanda Lawrence
Tunji Lucas
Tomislav English
Aaron Monaghan
Emerald Fennell
Amy Morgan
Harry Lister Smith
Nicholas Agnew
Salo Gardner
Jamie Beamish
Tony Allen
Jozef Aoki
Kwame Augustine
Andres Austin Bennett
Tola Bishi
Alexander Bracq
Matthew Brandon
R.P. Edwards
Stephan Genovese
Jacob Greener-Tofts
Anastasia Harrold
Zak Holland
Paul Kaye
Joe Kennard
Debra Leigh-Taylor
Jack Lowden
Chris Marchant
Nicholas Marshall
James McNamara
Aaran Mitra
Dillon Mitra
Adnan Mustafa
Adrian Palmer
Louis Partridge
Oliver Payne
Brent Phebey
Wilson Radjou-Pujalte
Deborah Rosan
Julian Seager
Clem So
Kostyantyn Volkov
Jamie Wilson
William Wright-Neblett
Ruolan Zhang
Leni Zieglmeier

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2nd January 2018

2018 has kicked in and as always we take time to reflect on what is coming to the cinema in the coming 12 months and list the 10 films were looking forward to.

Normally this is an easy list to conceive, but this year we have had to narrow it down from a short list of 20 movie, so some films like All The Money In The World and The Press have missed the list, not because were not looking forward to them but these 10 films we are really looking forward to.

So here we are, in release order, the list of 10 films we are looking forward to in 2018.

The new film from Pixar, and although it doesn't capture us initially as much as say Finding Nemo or Toy Story it has things about it that cant be ignored, mainly its a Pixar movie.

Fifty Shades Freed
The last in the Fifty Shades series, we loved Fifty Shades of Grey, but hated Fifty Shades Darker, but were looking forward to this although we know it will have bad dialogue and probably flop!

The Shape of Water
Guillermo del Toro latest film and one which has had the critics overly excited, could be the directors best film since Pan Labyrinth.

Tomb Raider
Were old enough to remember the original video game and still have the memory of Angelina Jole in out heads, but this is a reboot and looks gritty and exciting.

Ready Player One
You cant ignore a good sci-fi films and you certainly can ignore it when Steven Spielberg has directed the film, this has the potential for highest grossing film of the year.

Avengers Infinity War
But then there is the third Avengers movie to think about, and with the Marvel Cinematic Universe seemingly doing no wrong with audiences eager to spend money this could be a massive grossing film in 2018.

Solo A Star Wars Story
And then there is the annual (despite it only being a few months since the last one) Star Wars movie which although not part of the main saga is a film which will pull on the nostalgia of many fans and hopefully answer quite a few questions.

Deadpool 2
There is no denying the popularity of the original Deadpool film and the inevitable sequel will pull a similar crowd, lets hope its no Kick Ass 2!

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom
Audiences love dinosaurs and all the time these films are making big bucks Universal will deliver, follow up the 2016 origianl and fifth in the series in total, expect big money if nothing else.

Fantastic Beasts The Crimes Of Grindelwald
Suprisingly we though the original Fantastic Beasts was better than all the Harry Potter films so we have high hopes for this, and written by J.K. Rowling herself she knows this universe and how the please the fans better than anyone.

15th February 2016

Taking over at the top of the UK video chart is the Ridley Scott directed book adaptation The Martian starring Matt Damon.

The Martian was released to great reviews on 2nd October 2015 where it entered the UK box office at number 1 where it stayed for a couple of weeks.

It spent a respectable 8 weeks on the box office top 15 an slipped out of the charts at the very beginning of this year where is spent a couple of extra weeks.

The film is the 136th highest grossing film in the UK having make a total gross of £23.5 million and it is the 104th highest grossing film in the world with a total gross of $598.8 million.

It is Ridley Scotts 3rd best film and Matt Damon's second best film in the UK.

Legend falls from the top of the chart into second position this week.

Also new on the chart is: Pan at number 3 and The Lobster at number 16.

27th October 2015

There is no stopping Ridley Scotts The Martian as once again it becomes the top film across the globe.

Now in its fifth week of release the film is still playing in 73 countries, the film adds another $45.9 million to it's global total which now stands at $385.1 million.

Highest new film of the week is Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension which makes its global debut at number 3 with $26.2 million.

Highest global total gross on this weeks chart is Ant-Man which after its successful Chinese run now sits at $493.8 million.

Here is the full global box office:

  1. The Martian - $45,900,000
  2. Hotel Transylvania 2 - $37,700,000
  3. Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension - $26,200,000
  4. The Last Witch Hunter - $24,225,000
  5. Ant-Man - $22,230,000
  6. Goosebumps - $21,300,000
  7. Bridge Of Spies - $16,465,000
  8. Pan - $14,840,000
  9. Crimson Peak - $13,363,260
  10. The Intern - $11,655,000

21st October 2015

This week there are no less than 5 news film on the top 10 with animated sequel Hotel Transylvania 2 landing at the top.

HT2 tops the Uk box office with weekend gross of £6.3 million, this far outstrips the original movie in the series which entered at 2 with £1.7 million.

Hotel Transylvania went on to gross £7.8 million at the UK box office which this sequel should manage by next weekend.

Last weeks top film, The Martian, falls to number 4 this week after a all new top 3 entered the box office.

At number 2 is the true life drama Suffragettes starring Carey Mulligan and at 3 is Pan the Peter pan origins story starring Hugh Jackman.

Also new this week is: Crimson Peak at number 5 and The lobster at number 9.

Historical charts

A year ago
The 2014 re-image of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was new at number 1 knocking Gone Girl down to number 2.

Five years ago
Despicable Me made its debut at the top of the box office and with a whole new top 3 Wall Street Money Never Sleeps slips from the top to 4.

Ten years ago
Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of The Were-Rabbit enters at the top of the chart knocking Pride and Prejudice down to number 3.

Fifteen years ago
Dinosaur from Disney made its debut a the top knocking Billy Elliott down to number 3.

Twenty years ago
Pocahontas kept its hold on the top of the chart and in an unusual move there was no new film that entered the chart.

Twenty five years ago
Ghost held on at the top for yet another week leaving The Little Mermaid to enter highest at number 2.

20th October 2015

Across the globe this week Ridley Scott's sci-fi epic The Martian is still conquering the world box office, not in its fourth week of release.

The film is loosing momentum slowly but still manages a weekly global gross of $58 million bringing its total global gross to $319 million, it is now playing in 75 countries.

Having had its release across most of the world China now gets Ant-Man and gives the film a massive boost.

Now only playing in 3 countries the film takes $43.5 million last week and sits at number 2, it has now grossed $454.6 million globally.

Ant-Man is also the highest total grossing movie across the globe this week.

Here is the full global top 10 film:

  1. The Martian - $58,500,000
  2. Ant-Man - $43,573,000
  3. Hotel Transylvania 2 - $42,850,000
  4. Crimson Peak - $26,246,120
  5. Goosebumps - $23,500,000
  6. Goodbye Mr. Loser - $22,353,992
  7. Pan - $20,260,000
  8. The Intern - $16,705,000
  9. Bridge Of Spies - $15,380,000
  10. Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials - $11,450,000

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Weeks on box office: 8

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