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Directed by
Rory Kinnear
Maxine Peake
Pearce Quigley
David Moorst
Rachel Finnegan
Tom Meredith
Simona Bitmate
Robert Wilfort
Karl Johnson
Sam Troughton
Roger Sloman
Kenneth Hadley
Tom Edward-Kane
Lizzy McInnerny
Alastair Mackenzie
Neil Bell
Lisa Millett
Philip Jackson
John-Paul Hurley
Tom Gill
Lizzie Frain
Harry Hepple
Ian Mercer
Adam Long
Nico Mirallegro
Danny Kirrane
Johnny Byrom
Victor McGuire
Steven Wight
Ryan Pope
Dorothy Atkinson
Tim McInnerny
Marion Bailey
Vincent Franklin
Jeff Rawle
Eileen Davies
Philip Whitchurch
Martin Savage
Al Weaver
David Bamber
David Fielder
Fine Time Fontayne
Robert Gillespie
Jonathan Jaynes
Nicholas Lumley
Shaun Prendergast
Alan Williams
Dorothy Duffy
Victoria Moseley
Christine Bottomley
Samantha Edwards
Julie Hesmondhalgh
Kate Rutter
Mary West
Joseph Kloska
Leo Bill
Brian Fletcher
Gary Cargill
Patrick Kennedy
Guy Williams
Oliver Ashworth
James Benson
Lee Boardman
Paul Bown
Mark Braithwaite
Philip Martin Brown
Michael Chadwick
Michael Cobb
Ian Conningham
Robert Cox
Sarah Crowden
Michael Culkin
Ian Davies
Tristram Davies
Nick Davison
Oliver Devoti
Shawn Dixon
James Dryden
Jim English
Marc Esse
Karl Farrer
Mike Firth
Mark Fisher
Callum Forman
Steve Garti
Liam Gerrard
Richard Glaves
Sam Graham
Scott Haining
Liv Hansen
Connor Haywood
Paul Hedley
Polly Hemingway
Eloise Henwood
James Heron
Moke Hilding
David Hounslow
Finley Howard
Steve Huison
Paul Kynman
Stuart D. Latham
Jason Lines
Keith Lomas
David Macey
Teresa Mahoney
Gerald Maliqi
Martyn Mayger
Christopher McMullen
Alex McNally
Bryony Miller
Catherine Monfils
Melanie Nute
Kieran O'Brien
Dan Poole
Paul Popplewell
Kaj Prasal
Blanard Prior-Byrne
Miles Richardson
Steve Rollins
Mark Ryan
Darren Scott
Jaime Seal
Adam Shaw
Mick Slaney
Tudor Smith
Andrew Snow
Michael Southgate
Karol Steele
Ellen Claire Sutherland
Charlie Tighe
Jeremy Todd
Alicia Turner
Jessie Vinning
Antony Barlow
Richard Price
Guillaume Rivaud
Grace Stottor
Patricia Winker

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6th November 2018

The power of Bohemian Rhapsody was too strong for any new comers as the Queen film stays at the top of the UK box office for a second weekend.

The Nutcracker And The Four Realms

Bohemian Rhapsody

After the excellent £9 million debut last weekend there is no surprise that it manages a second weekend at the box office summit.

Posting a second weekend gross of £5.7 million the Bryan Singer directed film may not have been a hit with the critics but is proving to be popular with the paying public.

The films total UK gross now sits at an incredible £20.4 million after 10 days of release.

A Star Is Born

The Lady Gaga starring film is proving to be a bigger hit in the UK than many other parts of the world as the film spends another week at number 2 taking £1.8 million after 5 weeks of release.

The film which currently has the number single in the UK and the number 1 album has now taken £22.9 million.

The Nutcracker And The Four Realms

Disney gets Christmas stared with the release of the popular story often performed as a ballet this time of year and it snaggs the highest new film at number 3.

The film takes a reasonable £1.7 million on its debut weekend of release.


The animated family film stays at number 4 this weekend £1.1 million which brings its total UK gross to £10.1 million.

Johnny English Strikes Again

Still holding strong at number 5 this week the film has a 5th weekend gross of just over £1 million which brings its total to £16.3 million.

Hotel Transylvania 3 Summer Vacation

Still hanging onto the charts as we enter the holiday season the film has notched up 15 week on the UK box office.

Slaughterhouse Rulez

Further down the chart at number 9 is the new Simon Pegg starring movie which makes its debut this weekend with a £400,00 gross.


Another film worth mentioning makes its debut at number 3 this week in the shape of Mike leigh's latest which opens with £350,000.

21st August 2018

Directed by Mike Leigh Peterloo stars Maxine Peake and Rory Kinnear and is released in the UK on 2nd November 2018.

12A rating

It has been given a 12A rating in the UK by the BBFC for moderate violence, language.

Movie details

Peterloo is number 29 on the UK box office this week.

The film has a UK gross of £1,224,315 and is the 2746th top grossing film in the UK

UK BBFC Certificate: 12A

Genres:Popular in: United Kingdom
Box Office
UK release date:

Highest chart position: 10

Weeks on box office: 2

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