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Pink Flamingos

Directed by
David Lochary
Mary Vivian Pearce
Mink Stole
Danny Mills
Edith Massey
Channing Wilroy
Cookie Mueller
Paul Swift
Susan Walsh
Linda Olgeirson
Pat Moran
Jack Walsh
Bob Skidmore
Pat Lefaiver
Jackie Sidel
Julie Munshauer
Steve Yeager
Nancy Crystal
George Figgs
John Oden
George Stoll
David Gluck
Elizabeth Coffey
Margie Donnelly
Margie Skidmore
Berenica Cipcus
Iris Burman
Randy Burman
Don Blumberg
Vincent Peranio
Bob Adams
Mark Lazarus
David Lehman
Catriona Maloney
Richard Keller
Charlie Swope
Barry Golome
Ed Peranio
Elia Katz
Steve Waters
Billy Davis
Howard Gruber
Van Smith
Chuck Yeaton
Laurie Birnbaum
Lenny Taylor
Trick Grantham
Mark Isherwood
Randy Damm
Alan Reese
Alberta Reese
Cowboy Foulke
David Sander
Brigette Grey
John Herndon
Ellis Clark
Joe Wilepski
Jimmy Hutzler
Paul Landis
Lawrence Irvine
Marina Melin
Max Mueller
John Waters

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UK BBFC Certificate: 18

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