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Directed by
Andrzej Zulawski
Isabelle Adjani
Margit Carstensen
Heinz Bennent
Johanna Hofer
Carl Duering
Shaun Lawton
Michael Hogben
Maximilian Rthlein
Thomas Frey
Leslie Malton
Gerd Neubert
Kerstin Wohlfahrt
Ilse Bahrs
Karin Mumm
Herbert Chwoika
Barbara Stanek
Ilse Trautschold
Harry Riebauer
Dragomir Stanojevic-Bata Kameni

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3rd December 2018

Not a lot of movement on the US box office this week as the Wreck-Ir Ralph sequel hangs onto the top spot and The Possession Of Hannah Grace is the top new film at 7.

The <span class='highlight-purple'><i>Possession</i></span> Of Hannah Grace

Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2

A second weekend at the top for the Disney movie as it takes $25.7 million for the weekend which brings the film total US gross to $119.2 million.

The Grinch

Still doing well on the US box office as we officially enter the Christmas season, the Dr Seuss movie takes $17.7 million for a $203.5 million total gross.

Creed II

The Rocky universe film drops to number 3 this week with a $16.8 million weekend which takes the films total US gross $81.1 million on its second weekend.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald

Although not doing as well as expected the Wizarding World film hangs onto its place in the top 5 at number 4 this week with $11.2 million boosting its total gross to $134.3 million.

The film is well below the first film take at this point which was running at over $180 million.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Still performing well on the US box office the bio-pic add $8.1 million to its US gross which is now at $164.4 million.

The Possession Of Hannah Grace

With the top five films in the US still performing really well and no big new film the highest new entry comes in down at number 7 with a $6.5 million debut.

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UK BBFC Certificate: 18

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