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Directed by
Bob Hoskins
Willy Lavendel
Bob Hoskins
Jack Fisher
Jacob Tierney
Terry Finn
Norris Dominique
Babs Gadbois
Susan Glover
Larry Day
Jane Gilchrist
Griffith Brewer
Lisa Bronwyn Moore
Bonnie Mak
Gilbert Larose Jr.
Gordon Masten
Jonathan Schuman
Saul Rubinek
Eleanor Misrahi
Jessica Welch
Jessica McKenzie
Autumn Phillips
Kent McQuaid
Leif Anderson
Vik Sahay
Todd Sandler
Daniel Brochu
Richard Zeman
Missy Christianssen
Dana Williams
Howard Schwartz
Wally High
Vera Miller
Brigid Tierney
Pat Miller
Richard Jutras
Eric Hansen
Susan Almgren
Mark Camacho
Susan Mackasey
Margaret Mackassey
Gwen Tolbart
Claire Riley
Bronwen Mantel
Yves Langlois
Rosalie Boa

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16th April 2013

Tom Cruise returns to chart topping with Oblivion which replaces The Croods at the top of the UK box office.

After appearing in a couple of films, specifically Jack Reacher, that failed to be big hits, his new film Oblivion becomes the top film in the UK this week.

Taking a solid £5 million over the weekend the film easily displaced the animated film from DreamWorks which falls to second place. The Croods has done really well and has a total gross of over £22 million to date.

This time last year Battleship was the top film, which also debuted at the top with a weekend gross of £3.7 million. It replaced the re-release of Titanic.

Five years ago casino flick 21 debuted in the top spot with £1.6 million, knocking the previous top film, 27 Dresses to number 3, Son on Rainbow held the runner up spot.

Ten years ago Rowan Atkinson took his James Bond spoof Johnny English to the top on if's first week with £3.4 million replacing the previous number 1 film The Recruit which fell to 3rd.

Fifteen years ago it was still Titanic at the top , it's 12th week at the top. Studios rescheduled most of their films in the wake of Titanic so there were no new films.

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UK BBFC Certificate: PG

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