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Joachim Trier
Anders Danielsen Lie
Espen Klouman Hoiner
Viktoria Winge
Odd-Magnus Williamson
Pal Stokka
Christian Rubeck
Henrik Elvestad
Henrik Mestad
Rebekka Karijord
Sigmund Saeverud
Tone Danielsen
Elisabeth Sand
Thorbjorn Harr
Silje Hagen
Anne Lindmo
Ivar Lykke
Andreas Tylden
Eindride Eidsvold
Anders Borchgrevink
Emil Trier
Fredrik Borgund
John Sigurd Kristensen
Kristian Warness Wraa
Oscar Loras
Frida Aune Froland
Hege Serine Golf
Hafrid Hagemoen
Jonas Thorsdalen Wik
Martin Nicolay Lae
David Avetisian
Anderz Eide
Helene Ruys
Arben Bala
Sindre Tveiten
John Sverre Sande
Joakim Hallas
Stine I. Johnsen
Hilma Nicolaisen
Nicolas J. Marthinsen
Dagny Holte
Thea Bay
Cecilie Bertran de Lis
Wenche Lindeberg Wang
Geir Bore Roaas
Per Vigmostad
Torgny Amdam
Hans Petter Heggeli
Anders Nilsen Tjore
Jonas Thire
Andreas Tellefsen
Maria B.M. Klungseth
Julia Bache-Wiig
Ida Marianne Vassbotn Klasson
Dag Havard Engebraten
Runa Buran
Chrisander Landstad
Joachim Lund Larsen
Siri Josephine Færden
Nuran Ajdarovski
Elsa Marwell Elg
Ragnar oksdal
oyvind Bakke
Rolf ovrum Christensen
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Bjornar Buxrud
Eivind Stoud Platou
Stephanie K. Sikkes
Andrea Plesner
Martin Zimmer
Bjarte Elvestad
Pal Morten Hverven
Anne Maren Bjerke
Christoffer Fagerli
Ine Marie Wilmann
Ranveig Hjorthaug
Ingvild Haugstad
Eca Sorlie
Bjorn oyind Bue
Tor Hojem
Espen Sandvik
Anders Rabo Thorbeck
Jan-Egil Aasterud
Ulrik Tangen Johansen
Hans Henrik Verpe
Peer Bull-Hansen
Karianne Flaathen
Bjorn Tore Hansen

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11th February 2011

Within the coming months for the people involved this will be the first of many family photos, yesterday in New Zealand the cast of the soon to start filming The Hobbit posed for a picture ahead of filming which starts on March 21st.

Front and foremost is Martin Freeman who is set to play the lead role of Bilbo Baggins. Also flying the British flas was James Nesbit who will play Bofur.

Peter Jackson was missing from the Press Conference as he's recovering from a recent operation, also the reason why filming has been delayed. Also not in the shot is Ian McKellen, Andy Serkis and Elijah Wood who all reprise roles from the Lord of the Rings movies.

Check out Stuff.co.nz for a 3 minute clip of the Hobbit get together.

This is the start of the gold rush for pics, stay tuned to the hype mill as I suspect there will be a lot more to come.

12th January 2011

As if there was ever any doubt about the involvement of the major players from The Lord of the Rings series, but Ian McKellen and Andy Serkis (Gandalf and Gollum) certainly held out, but they will reprise their roles in Peter Jacksons The Hobbit.

Martin Freeman has been on board since day 1 and former Doctor Who Sylvester Mccoy also having a role. Frodo himself Elijah Wool has also signed which is something of a mystery as Frodo is never mentioned in The Hobbit, what with this being a prequel to the Rings Trilogy, clearly Jackson is taking some artistic license.

The film has had a troubled pre-production with copyright issues stopping production for many years, and a loss of original director, but with Jackson on board and the continuing cast list 2012 will be a great year for fans of the Tolkien world.

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7 September 2007
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