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26th January 2015

US box office results 22nd January 2015: American Sniper still retains top spot Clint Eastwood's American Sniper has stayed at the top of the US box office for another weekend taking another $64 million in it's 5th weekend of release.

The heavily Oscar nominated film has now taken a total of over $200 million in the US, in his long film career it is not Eastwood's highest grossing movie.

The film still has plenty of milage to go and if it wins big at the Oscars the film could see another massive boost to it's US takings.

Highest new film of the week is Jennifer Lopez (jLo) in The Boy Next Door which takes $15 million on it's debut, one of the highest grosses she has had in a number of years.

Other new film this week are: George Lucas's animated take Strange Magic at 7 and Johnny Depps offbeat comedy Mortdecai at 9.

22nd December 2014

As if there was little doubt in the outcome of of this weeks US box office results and is time honoured tradition The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies takes the top spot on the box office.

The second trilogy in the Middle Earth saga has had a rough journey to cinema screens, but Peter Jackson tops off his epic saga in style, although the total box office for the second group of films will be below that of the first.

The Hobbit knocks Exodus Gods and Kings right down to fourth place with Night At The Museum Secret of The Tomb entering as a new film at two and Annie entering at three.

Also new this week at the American box office are Wild at six and indian blockbuster PK at ten.

25th March 2014

With no new releases making much of an impact at the box office this week there is a climber to the top, Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel which was at 2 last week.

It's third week of general release, and a window with few new films results in a £1.2 million weekend taking Budapest Hotel to the top, and its the only film this week to gross over a million pound.

Last weeks top film, Need for Speed, falls to two in it's second week of release.

Highest new film of the week is at 6, Starred Up directed by David Mackenzie which grosses nearly £500,000 over the weekend.

This weeks new films: Starred Up
A Long Way Down
Labor Day
About Last Night
Yves Saint Laurent

This time last year animated tale The Croods took the number one spot on it's debut weekend knocking Oz The Great and Powerful to 3.

Five years ago Marley and Me was still riding the top spot while Paul Blart Mall Cop came in at the runner up spot.

Ten years ago it was still Starsky and Hutch at number 1, a strong hold with the whole top 4 meant the highest new film was at 4, Open Range.

Fifteen years ago Waking Ned Devine was the top new film entering the box office, knocking A Bugs Life into second place.

3rd June 2011

Despite the Tim Burton entrance into the Planet of the Apes movies there is a lot of anticipation for this prequel movie, and judging from this new trailer you can see why, the only thing missing is a talking ape.

The film is set in the near future and follows the story of how mans messing with the balance of nature upsets things and ultimately results in the apes dominance of the world.

Check out the trailer below, even if the film is no good, this trailer is worth watching.

3rd March 2010

Tivo have announced that they are releasing what they call the Next Generation of PVR to market later this year in the US and UK, but unlike last time the PVR giants tried the UK market and got crushed by Sky they are joining forces with Virgin Media.

What the fuss about Next Generation all boils down to is that the new boxes will be more user centric and be able to not only show broadcast programmes on standard TV channels but also show internet based video from the likes of YouTube and iPlayer.

Making this even more powerful is the ability to use one search for all the internet channels and broadcast channels, so you could search for Eastenders and it would not only return results for iPlayed but any other outlet broadcasting Eastenders related material.

Tivo are also claiming that it will learn while you watch and start suggesting what programmes you may like based on what you have watched in the past, this is also a continual learning process.

The new boxes will be higher specked than the current boxes with larger hard drives and wireless internet connections that will be able to broadcast in full 1080p.

I'm not sure this is the future of PVR's or simply an natural evolution but it's good to see Tivo trying the UK market again even if it is through Virgin Media.

Check out more information on the Tivo website.

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29 May 2015
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