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Ride With The Devil


Directed by

Ang Lee


Tobey Maguire
Jeremy W. Auman
Scott Sener
Skeet Ulrich
Glenn Q. Pierce
Kathleen Warfel
David Darlow
Zan McLeod
John Whelan
Roger Landes
Jeffrey Dover
Tyler Johnson
Kelly Werts
Michael W. Nash
John Judd
Don Shanks
Jay Thorson
Dean Vivian
Cheryl Weaver
Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Simon Baker
Matthew Faber
Tom Guiry
Jonathan Brandis
Jeffrey Wright
Celia Weston
Amber Griffith
Ric Averill
Buck Baker
Stephen Mailer
Zach Grenier
Donna Thomason
Cassie Mae Sears
Jewel Kilcher
Margo Martindale
Martin Liebschner Jr.
Marvin Schroeder
Steven Price
David L. Asher
James Urbaniak
David Rees Snell
John Ales
Dave Wilson
Larry Greer
Kevin Fewell
Michael Owen
John Durbin
Jim Shelby
Addison Myers
Michael Linsley Rapport
Joseph Patrick Moynihan
Jennie Nauman
Christine Brandt
Bill Grivna
Nora Denney
Harry Gibbs
Clayton Vest
Roger Denesha
Jacob Kozlowski
David Lee Burnos Jr.
Jennifer Ackland
T. Max Graham
Jill Barber
Jim Bentley
Michael Bush
Marc Davies
Michael Shane Davis
Cameron DeVictor
Nancy Frye
Mat Hostetler
Patric Johnstone
Charlotte Kyle
Allen Lowman
Paul Meier
Michael Owen
Race Owen
Dusty Shaffer

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Ride With The Devil

UK BBFC Certificate: 15

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Highest chart position: 11

Weeks on box office: 1

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