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Rise Of The Footsoldier Part II

Rise Of The Footsoldier Part II
Directed by
Luke Mably
Ricci Harnett
Steven Berkoff
Slaine Kelly
Craig Fairbrass
Coralie Rose
Terry Stone
Ryan Oliva
Mark Preston
Lobna Futers
Greg Burridge
Roland Manookian
Joshua Osei
Andy Linden
Johnny Palmiero
Tygo Gernandt
Chris Brazier
Nicole Silva
Alicia Woodhouse
Daniel Adegboyega
Nabil Elouahabi
Alan Chimes
Charlie Heaton
Jasper Britton
Georgia Bourke
Lindy Pieri
Dominic Kinnaird
Kiera Bell
Big Narstie
Jonathan Harden
Richard Wisker
Billy James Machin
Scott Welch
Tommy Nash
Farshid Rokey
Paulina Ventura
Edwin De La Renta
Lola Ross
Shawn Birch
Scott Peden
Adrian Palmer
Tony Fadil
Neil Alexander Smith
Neil Bishop
Michael Chapman
Alexander Ellis
Meadow Wodall
Chris Martin Hill
Steve Brunton
Emily Cassie
Mitesh Soni
Will Howes
Nicola Bland
Roseanne Barrett
Dawid Gorny
Warren Harnett
Jamie Felus
Amelia Shreeve
Dean Kingdon
Peter Benedict
Joel Morris
Christian Di Sciullo
Charlie Buck
Yoeri Keivits
Steve Taylor
Carlos Pires
Mark Mooney
Sara Parker
Isaac Chamberlain
Jace Waterman
Michael Soteriou
Matthew Noble
Michel Van Dijk
Alex Liang
Darcie Seymour
Reiss White
Diane Crush
Scott Derbyshire
Demi Adesanya
Kate Budge
Jessica Pearce
Paul Foxon
Charlotte Dutton
Paul Henry
Lee Guy
Neil Quinn
Tony Harrison
Graham Rogers
David Hyndman

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11th January 2016

In an odd move for the UK video charts this week Rise of The Footsoldier Part II climbs a couple of places to take over at the top of the video charts.

In actual fact the top selling DVD of the week us in fact a Davina McCall but we only report on film here, just an interesting point to make.

Rise of The Footsoldier Part II was released at cinemas on 11th December 2015 and was put on a very limited release.

During its single week at the box office it managed to make £5,354 from the single cinema that showed it, it made number 65 that week.

Other new films this week are American Ultra at number 5 and The Runner at number 6.

4th January 2016

We're into the new year and the first video release after christmas makes it way to number 1 in the shape of Hitman Agent 47.

The film was a small hit at the box office being released on 28th August 2015 where it entered the chart at number 3 with a debut gross of £0.9 million.

Not wanting to hang around for too long the film slid down to number 10 the following week where is then left cinemas.

Largely considered a bomb the film make just shy of £2 million in total at the UK box office, the film didn't fare much better on the world stage where it made $22 million worldwide.

Inside Out fell from the top of the box office, where it stayed for 3 weeks, to number 4 this week.

Other new film this week are: Rise of The Footsoldier Part II which is new at 3, The Transporter Refuelled new at number 10 and Sinister 2 new at 13.

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The film has a UK gross of £5,354 and is the 7838th top grossing film in the UK

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11 December 2015
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