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Rock'n Roll


Directed by


Guillaume Canet
Marion Cotillard
Gilles Lellouche
Philippe Lefebvre
Camille Rowe
Kev Adams
Ben Foster
Maxim Nucci
Yarol Poupaud
Yvan Attal
Alain Attal
Johnny Hallyday
Laeticia Hallyday
Tifenn Michel-Borgey
Fabrice Lamy
Jeanne Damas
Xavier Alcan
Theo Kailer
Cecile Felsenberg
Philippe Canet
Marie-Antoinette Canet
Annie Mercier
Fabrice Feltzinger
Thierry Pietra
Sophie Canet
Arnaud Henriet
Thomas Goldberg
Fred Lagrange
Aline Chabot
Annaelle Le Gall
Nicolas Benoit
Camille Razat
Adele Simphal
Anne-France Deroude
Martin Fougerolles
Arnaud Jacquinet
Marie Parisot
Dominique Segall
Hugo Dillon
Sophie Mousel
Ludovic Guille
Sabrina Bellino
Ulysse Cottin
Priscilla de Laforcade
Marie-Elisabeth Fischer
Martin Gamet
Jerôme Goldet
Patrice Renson
Albert Goldberg
Bertrand Boulade
Mehdi Allalli
Philippe Le Forestier
Jean Cottin
Eric de Montalier
Laurent Taieb
Guillaume Faure
Graziella Delerm
Emilie Martin
Toussaint Martinetti
Alizee Guinochet
Helma David
Sam Lellouche
Lolita Offenstein
Nina Pontieux
Jean-Marc Valenti
Laure Schillewaert
Michel Benoit
Laurent Cotillard
Blanche Cluzet
Louna Portenart
Juliette Robert
Eliot Arnassalon
Louis Chave
Loxiane Lopes
Gabriel Barre
Thea Colle
Lou Taieb
Romain Carrier
Hadrien Grosmann
Margaux Taieb
Erik Stouvenaker
Nastassja Girard
Alexandra Mercouroff
Thierry Laurentin
Evelyne Bonneau
Laurent Borel
Sonia Buth
François Calais
Susanna Canzian
Anthony Casabella
Jeremy Castor
Paloma Coquant
Cy Davis
Michel Di Gioacchino
Arcina Dos Reis
Randy Duval
Nicolas Fleser
Walter Franziska
Sylvain Fraselle
Bianca Girard
Esmael Felix Goncalves
Charlotte Guyot
Neil Holdder
Giovanni Iaquinti
Justin Jamieson
Romeo Janssen
John Lippman
Rissa Matrah
Paul Morrachini
Pierre Niney
Violaine Nouveau
Jean-Christophe Pagnac
Caridad Perera
Cisco Perez
Andy Picci
Ramses Principe
Stephanie Rao
Frederic Restagno
François-Xavier Rose
Robert Servier
Nadja Settel
Maria Soler Dubreuil
Gaetan Thomas
Pierre-Benoist Varoclier
Norbert Ferrer
Jacques Jorrot
Yun Lai
Elise Lissague

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