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(2000 )

Esteban Ibarretxe
Jose Miguel Ibarretxe
David Suchet
Dominique Pinon
Alexandra Vandernoot
Jim Dunk
Juan Inciarte
Jason Watkins
Santiago Segura
Angus Barnett
Tony Bluto
Valentine Pelka
Michael Jenn
Trevor Peacock
Robin Soans
Alan Griffin
Nicholas Day
David Sterne
Geoffrey Freshwater
Edward Price
Miles Richardson
Jonathan Cullen
Philip Herbert
Michael Halsey
�lvaro Ordo�ez
Antonio Sanz
Gerardo Post
Marc Lacroix
Carlos Casta�on
Jon Ari�o
Javier Mej�a
Naomi Merx
Arthur Rowshan
Ricardo Goyoaga
Vidal Fern�ndez
Jes�s Riar�n
Ignacio Carre�o
Itziar Lazkano
Esther Velasco
James Duggan
Juantxo L�pez
Nacho Vigalondo

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22nd September 2014

Out selling everything else on the home video front in the UK this week is the historical drama Pompeii which replaces Bad Neighbours at the top.

Pompeii hit UK cinemas on 2nd May this years and on it's debut weekend of release hit number 3 on the box office with £1.1 million, it was the highest new film of that week though.

The film only stayed on the chart for 3 weeks falling to 5 then 8 before leaving, it gross a total of £2.6 million in the UK.

Last weeks top film, the previously mentioned Bad Neighbours, fall to second place after a single week at the top.

Other new films this week are
Sabotage at 3
The Two Faces of January at 10
Wolf Creek 2 at 11
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13th May 2014

After a successful advanced showing last week which would have put the film at the top those figures go a long way to make sure that bad Neighbours knocked The Amazing Spider-Man 2 off it's perch this week.

Starring Seth Rogan and Zac Efron Bad Neighbours had no trouble de-throning the web slinger with an £8.5 million debut.

Spider-Man 2 falls into second place with £1.3 million bringing it's total gross to £22 million after 4 weeks.

Also new this week are:
Sabotage - Arnold Schwarzenegger's latest
La Cenerentola - the latest from the Met Opera
The Wind Rises
Before The Winter Chill

Last year saw the much anticipated Star Trek Into Darkness enter at the top knocking Iron Man 3 into second place.

Five years ago saw JJ Abrahams first Star Trek film enter the box office at the top knocking X-Men Origins: Wolverine into 3rd place with Coraline entering at 2.

Ten years ago had Van Helsing debuting at the top meaning Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind fell to number 2.

Fifteen years ago had I Still Know What You Did Last Summer go to the top on it's first week leaving The Waterboy to have a single week at the top.

9th May 2014

New at your local multiplex this week there are a number of new releases although nothing big is out due to a huge monster film coming in a weeks time.

Biggest of the new releases is Sabotage which came out on Wednesday, the once box office puller Arnold Schwarzenegger stars with Sam Worthington in this action drama from the writer of Training Day. Expect a top 5 new entry although only just.

Frank is the story of paper mashie head wearing Frank Sidebottom, in this played by Michael Fassbender who never takes off the head throughout the whole film. This could gain cult status and although not big enough to challenge the web slinger could see a top 3 entry.

The Wind Rises is from the Ghibli animated studio in Japan who have produced some of the best loved anime films of recent years. This is famed director Hayao Miyazaki's last film. A top 10 entry is for sure but a niche market could stop big numbers.

Also out this week is
Heaven Is For Real

31st March 2014

Biblical re-telling, with a Hollywood edge, hits the top of the US box office this week as Russell Crowe stars in Noah.

Starring alongside Emma Watson and Ray Winston the epic hits the top with an estimated $44 million.

Last weeks top film Divergence falls a single place to number 2 this week with a box office gross of $26.5 million.

Other new film in the US this week:
Sabotage at number 7.

13th March 2014

From Yahoo! Movies

15th March 2013

A lot of new releases this week starring the likes of Jim Carrey, Elijah Wood, Zac Efron, James McAvoy and then there's The Last Exorcism sequel. The Incredible Burt Wonderstone is a wacky comedy also starring Steve Carell alongside Jim Carrey about 2 superstar magicians who are being out performed by street magicians so they go for sabotage of their act.

Maniac is a serial killer story about a Mannequin shop owner who develops a dangerous obsession with an artist.

The Paperboy has a seller cast of Zac Efron, Matthew McConaughey, Nicole Kidman and John Cusack, the story follows a reporter who returns to Florida to investigate a case which involves a prisoner on death row.

Welcome to the punch is a criminal cat and mouse story about an ex-con who returns to London for family reasons and is then pursued by an old foe looking to finally get revenge.

The Last Exorcism Part 2 is is a sequel film about an Exorcism, clearly the last one wasn't the last one!

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