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Directed by
Reg Traviss
James DArcy
Noel Clarke
Frank Harper
Kate Magowan
Jamie Foreman
Doug Allen
Ray Panthaki
Andrew Shim
David Hayman
Cal Macaninch
Heather Peace
Martin Hancock
Tony Jayawardena
Joseph Gilgun
Everal Walsh
Claire-Louise Catterall
Nicholas Keith
Simon Rhodes
Wuzza Conlon
Dominic Debias
Jack Healy
Josh Myers
Craig Russell
David Garlick
Alexander Ellis
Bart Ruspoli
Thomas Coombes
John Palmer
Rob McGarr
Paul Atlee
Dan Fielder
Nick Thomas-Webster
Faz Aoufi
Jaspal Badwell
Christopher Battye
Colin Butts
Sean Cernow
Vicky Connett
Sean Conroy
Carla Cressy
Jamie Edgerton
Max Fowler
Marco Gambino
Don Gayle
Barry Gill
James Helder
Marvin Henriques
Rupert Ingram
Steph Jones
Lisamarie Kakuya
Kuki Keaton
Jamie Kenna
Anna Lewis
Jermaine Curtis Liburd
Darren Lynch
Maria Lee Metheringham
Rebecca Oakley
Ben Probert
Richard Raynesford
Katrena Rochell
Sean Rowell
Gavin Russell
Baz Salam
Lauren Scott-Berry
Lloyd Stonard
Georgie Swan
Kasik Thomas Sztolc
Murry Toms
James Toole
Soraya Wilkinson-Wyke

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UK BBFC Certificate: 18


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3 June 2011