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Directed by
Steven Knight
Diane Lane
Jason Clarke
This film has not been released in the UK yet
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Movie Serenity is a mystery thriller with an unusual twist  The Straits Times

LOS ANGELES - The movie Serenity is a shape-shifter: What starts as a Moby Dick story about a man obsessed with catching a big fish changes with the arrival ...

Wed, 20th February 2019

Serenity review – the year's first gloriously bad movie is here  The Guardian

Matthew McConaughey is a gigolo/fishing boat captain alongside Anne Hathaway in a thrillingly awful thriller with one of the most ill-conceived twists in recent ...

Thu, 24th January 2019

Movie review: Serenity has enough problems to sink a ship  The New Paper

Movies News - How the mighty have fallen. Pardon the cliche, but that is exactly what one needs to sum up this sci-fi mystery thriller dud. Serenity features a ...

Tue, 19th February 2019

Anne Hathaway stands by her box-office flop Serenity  The New Paper

Movies News - Anne Hathaway's new film Serenity is already being called the worst movie of 2019 by critics, and it is only February. With terrible reviews and a ...

Tue, 19th February 2019

“Serenity,” Reviewed: An Earnestly Absurd Film-Noir Grab Bag  The New Yorker

Richard Brody reviews Steven Knight's film “Serenity,” in which Matthew McConaughey plays a hard-drinking yacht captain, and Anne Hathaway plays his ...

Mon, 28th January 2019

Matthew McConaughey's 'Serenity' Is So Insane That No Headline Can Begin to Do it Justice  Esquire

I have a theory about Matthew McConaughey, and it is this: I think he walked on stage to accept his Oscar in 2014, and he has not stopped talking since. Sure ...

Thu, 31st January 2019

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