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(1994 )

Sadie Frost
Sean Pertwee
Fraser James
Marianne Faithfull

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28th November 2016

Disney threw their latest film hoping to hit the heights of Frozen at US audiences this weekend in the shape of Moana, they are hoping that the long holiday weekend would give it a boost.

With a debut weekend of $55 million over the Friday to Sunday they can't complain, and the long weekend from Wednesday night saw the film gain over $80 million.

With many families out shopping on the big retail weekend that includes black Friday this isn't such a bad debut, and with good reviews this could well go on and on for Disney.

Next weekend will be the big test, no new child friendly film are set for a release in the coming weeks which is good for Moana but then they get the Galaxy Far Far away to deal with, but who from, yes Disney, the Mouse House should have a good holiday.

Last weeks top film, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, fell to number 2 this weekend and gained $45 million, this brings the films US total to $156 million, not the heights of Harry Potter.

Also new this week is America is Allied starring Brad Pitt at number 4 with $13 million and Bad Santa 2 at number 7 with $6 million and very bad reviews.

Longest stay on the US box office is split between 3 films, Doctor Strange, Trolls and Hacksaw Ridge all on 4 weeks, although the highest total grossing by a long margin is Doctor Strange with $205 million.

7th February 2013

Die Hard actor Bruce Willis was on BBC's The One Show on Wednesday promoting his new Die Hard film, A Good Day to Die Hard, and when asked said he would do a sixth film.

Throughout Willis appeared very awkward and the BBC received complaints about his conduct, personally I think he just came across as very tired, jet lagged, and was struggling to think straight, he came across as very charming.

Despite not being that chatty, and not really giving away a great deal about anything, when female presenter Alex Jones asked if he would do a sixth film he simply replied yes, like were all surprised at that.

Willis will have to win round the studio mind after basically admitting that he didn't like the title of the new movie, claiming it was confusing, A Good Day to Die Hard, it's never a good day to die, what do you do, go and do some shopping and have some tea before you Die, Hard?

The titles of the Die Hard films have never follow the conventional 1, 2, 3 etc moniker although the fourth film was Die Hard 4.0 (except in the US where is was Live Free ot Die Hard) so a sixth film could be Six degrees of Die Hard or something!

The new film is set in Russia and has protagonist John McClain traveling the globe to rescue his son who is in some kind of trouble with the Russian mafia, it is out on Valentines Day.

22nd December 2010

It's that funny time of year again and the top earning films the weekend before Christmas makes the Christmas chart? TRON: Legacy takes the honors with a decent weekend take.

A weekend gross of £1,970,692 is non too shabby for the TRON sequel, although with the hype surrounding the film a little more may have been hoped, but with the bad weather and Christmas shopping maybe it means that the film will hang around a while and be a slow burner.

Falling from the top after just one week is the latest Narnia movie, taking £1,231,568 over it's second weekend after 10 days the film has taken £4,780,624, it will be the smallest of the Narnia films to date.

Still hanging around, but slowing down considerably if Part 1 of the last Harry Potter film, this week at 3 on the chart with a weekend take of £ 875,898 in it's 5th week for a total gross of £ 44,443,734.

Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp are at 4 with The Tourist while at 5 is Megamind.

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UK BBFC Certificate: 18