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Something Wicked This Way Comes General viewing, but some scenes may be unsuitable for young children. A PG film should not unsettle a child aged around eight or older. Unaccompanied children of any age may watch, but parents are advised to consider whether the content may upset younger, or more sensitive, children.


Something Wicked This Way Comes

Directed by

Jack Clayton


Jason Robards
Diane Ladd
Royal Dano
Vidal Peterson
Shawn Carson
Mary Grace Canfield
Richard Davalos
Jake Dengel
Jack Dodson
Bruce M. Fischer
Ellen Geer
Pam Grier
Brendan Klinger
James Stacy
Angelo Rossitto
Peter Risch
Tim T. Clark
Jill Carroll
Tony Christopher
Sharan Lea
Scott De Roy
Sharon Ashe
Arthur Hill
Phil Fondacaro
Jerry Maren

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UK BBFC Certificate: PG

Popular in: United Kingdom

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