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Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi

Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi
Directed by
Richard Marquand
Billy Dee Williams
Anthony Daniels
Peter Mayhew
Sebastian Shaw
Frank Oz
James Earl Jones
David Prowse
Alec Guinness
Kenny Baker
Michael Pennington
Kenneth Colley
Michael Carter
Denis Lawson
Tim Rose
Dermot Crowley
Caroline Blakiston
Warwick Davis
Jeremy Bulloch
Femi Taylor
Annie Arbogast
Claire Davenport
Jack Purvis
Mike Edmonds
Jane Busby
Malcolm Dixon
Mike Cottrell
Nicolas Read
Adam Bareham
Jonathan Oliver
Pip Miller
Tom Mannion
Margo Apostolos
Ray Armstrong
Eileen Baker
Michael Henbury Ballan
Bobby Bell
Patty Bell
Alan Bennett
Sarah Bennett
Pamela Betts
Danny Blackner
Linda Bowley
Peter Burroughs
Debbie Lee Carrington
Maureen Charlton
Willie Coppen
Sadie Corre
Tony Cox
John Cumming
Jean DAgostino
Luis De Jesus
Debbie Dixon
Margarita Fernández
Phil Fondacaro
Sal Fondacaro
Tony Friel
Daniel Frishman
John Ghavan
Michael Gilden
Paul Grant
Lydia Green
Lars Green
Pam Grizz
Andrew Herd
J.J. Jackson
Richard Jones
Trevor Jones
Glynn Jones
Karen Lay
John Lummiss
Nancy Maclean
Peter Mandell
Carole Morris
Stacie Nichols
Chris Nunn
Barbara OLaughlin
Brian Orenstein
Harrell Parker Jr.
John Pedrick
April Perkins
Ronnie Phillips
Katie Purvis
Carol Read
Nicholas Read
Diana Reynolds
Daniel Rodgers
Chris Romano
Dean Shackelford
Kiran Shah
Felix Silla
Linda Spriggs
Gerald Staddon
Josephine Staddon
Kevin Thompson
Kendra Wall
Brian Wheeler
Butch Wilhelm
Dalyn Chew
Celia Fushille-Burke
Mercedes Ngoh
Jennifer Jaffe
Hazel Allen
Peter Allen
John Altman
Franki Anderson
Glyn Baker
Erik Bauersfeld
Dickey Beer
Ailsa Berk
Don Bies
Richard Bonehill
Paul Brooke
Ben Burtt
Morris Bush
Trevor Butterfield
Vivienne Chandler
David Church
Kenneth Coombs
Stephen Costantino
Sean Crawford
Andy Cunningham
Ronny Cush
Daniel DArcy
Denny Delk
Peter Diamond
Mark Dodson
Richard Driscoll
Tim Dry
Ian Durrant
Douglas Farrell
Alan Flyng
Ernie Fosselius
David Gonzales
Isaac Grand
Anthony Guilding
Nelson Hall
Poppy Hands
Gordon Hann
Mike Havord
Lynne Hazelden
Philip Herbert
Barrie Holland
Gerald Home
William Hoyland
Jasper Jacob
Paul Klein
Eiji Kusuhara
Larin Lahr
Anthony Lang
Arnold Lee
Julius LeFlore
Swee Lim
Paul Markham
Richard Marquand
Hilton McRae
George Miller
Billy J. Mitchell
Ralph Morse
Terence Mustoo
Amanda Noar
Jack Orris
Quentin Pierre
Mike Quinn
Barry Robertson
Richard Robinson
Kipsang Rotich
Deep Roy
Peter Roy
Terry Sach
Tina Simmons
John Simpkin
Anthony Smee
Hugh Spight
Paul Springer
Tony Star
Michael Stevens
David Stone
Phil Tippett
Marolyn Turk
Larry Ward
Robert Watts
Pat Welsh
Paul Weston
Corey Dee Williams
Simon J. Williamson

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It's been 20 years since Star Wars fans traveled with Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi to the far reaches of Tatooine in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom ...

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2nd May 2017

The Marvel unsung heroes (outside of Deadpool) have gained a massive following since the release of the first film and the inevitable sequel was always going to be a massive blockbuster.

Landing at the top of this weeks UK box office Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2 takes a fantastic £13 million making it the 41 highest debut ever, behind The Inbetweeners Movie and head of The Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers.

The original Guardians of The Galaxy opened to £6.3 million in 2014, good for an untried new franchise, this film had bigger hype and has gained a loyal following and more than doubles the debut gross.

With favourable reviews and stars Chris Pratt and Zoe Saldana at the top of their games, and with the best hero at the cinema in Baby Groot were looking at a £40 - £50 million total gross.

Falling from the top after 2 weeks if Fast and Furious 8, a £1.7 million 3rd weekend means that the film has now taken £26 million, it will struggle now to catch up with Fast and Furious 7.

Also new this week is Baahubali 2 The Conclusion at number 6 with £0.4 million, The Promise at number 9 with £178,000 and Lady McBeth at number 10 with £174,000.

Sing re-entered the chart this week and at 9 weeks is the longest running film while Beauty and The Beast is the highest total grossing movie with £70 million, its the 8th UK top film ever.

Historical Charts A year ago
Captain America: Civil War from Marvel was the top new film of the week, it knocked The Jungle Book from Disney from the top.

Five years ago
Avengers Assemble from Marvel took over at the top, it knocked Salmon Fishing In The Yemen down to number 2.

Ten years ago
Next starring Nicholas Cage was new at the top, it knocked Wild Hogs down to number 2 after a couple of weeks at the top.

Fifteen years ago
About A Boy starring Hugh Grant and Nicholas Holt was the top new film of the week making its debut at the top, it knocked Bend It Like Beckham to number 2.

Twenty years ago
Finishing off the release of Star Wars Special Editions Star Wars: Return of The Jedi made its debut at the top, it knocked Scream down to 2.

Twenty five years ago
Staying at the top was The Hand The Rocks The Cradle for a second weekend while Denzel Washington starred in the top new film Ricochet at number 3.

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UK total gross
Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi

Global total gross
Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi

UK BBFC Certificate: U

Popular in: United Kingdom and Canada

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Highest chart position: 1

Weeks on box office: 23

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