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StreetDance 2

StreetDance 2
Directed by
Max Giwa
Dania Pasquini
Sofia Boutella
Falk Hentschel
Tom Conti
Deborah Rosan
George Sampson
Akai Osei-Mansfield
Tom Swacha
Fredi Kruga Nwaka
Pete Meads
Stephanie Nguyen
Joanna Jeffrees
Jayme Swiftt
Elisabetta Di Carlo
Christopher Toler
Matthew David McCarthy
Glenn Webster
Eric Campbell
Delphine Nguyen
Craig Davies
Jess Liaudin
Amanda Smith
Mark Tristan Eccles
James Michael Rankin
Ali Ramdani
Eva Dagoo
John Duggan
Niek Traa
Sabine Soetanto
Kaito Masai
Chris Knight
Samuel Revell
Ashley Pitter
Amy Jai Thomas
Brian Niblett
Maykel Fonts
Sami Tesfay
Penelope Read
Brice Larrieu
Ndedi Ma-Sellu
Precious Ene
Matthew David Hearn
Ayse Ferguson
Chris Mul
Matt Williams
Daniel Braveboy
Steve Anyiwo
Ella Wragg
Freddie Lee Peterkin
Selza Carter
Ratisha Belush
Sam Andé
Barry Miller
Michael Harris
Carl Murphy
Sam Andé
Tyron Spence
Lee Craven
Paul Hughes
Chonradee Kulthap
Callum Weir

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UK top grossing film

UK BBFC Certificate: PG

Popular in: China

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Highest chart position: 5

Weeks on box office: 4

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27 April 2012
4 May 2012
11 May 2012
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25 May 2012
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