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Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros.
Directed by
Annabel Jankel
Rocky Morton
Bob Hoskins
John Leguizamo
Dennis Hopper
Samantha Mathis
Fisher Stevens
Richard Edson
Fiona Shaw
Dana Kaminski
Mojo Nixon
Gianni Russo
Francesca P. Roberts
Lance Henriksen
Sylvia Harman
Desiree Marie Velez
Andrea Powell
Heather Pendergast
Melanie Salvatore
John Fifer
Don Lake
Terry Finn
Thomas Merdis
Michael Harding
Michael Lynch
Scott Mactavish
Wallace Merck
Mona B. Fierro
Karen Brigman
Christi Work
Joy Rees
Lucy Alpaugh
Robert D. Raiford
Harry S. Murphy
Patt Noday
Robert Lee Edwards
Ronald Lou Edwards
Matthew Zachary Hopkins
Rob Priester
Preston Lane
Jim Asaki
Matt Nikko
Kevin West
Jeffrey Pillars
Frank Welker
Fred Folger
David Kraus
Ronnie Jay Leipold
Alan McCoy
Mark Jeffrey Miller
Carlene Moore
Neil Riddaway
Joe West

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30th April 2019

Ever since the first teaser poster for the new Sonic The Hedgehog film was released there has been a lot of anticipation for how the blue speedy mammal will look, and today fans fears were realised.

Today we get the first trailer for the film and Sonic simply does not look like the classic Sega hero from the '90's games that we were expecting, in fact we don't know what he looks like!

The good news is we also get to see Jim Carey as Dr. Ivo Robotnik and although he's not big and round does bring a level of the character to the screen.

Artistic licence does need to be used when bringing a video game character to the screen but we do feel the film makers have not understood the source material, we keep thinking Super Mario Bros. when we watch this.

Check out the trailer below.

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Super Mario Bros.

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