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T2 Trainspotting

T2 Trainspotting
Directed by
Logan Gillies
Ben Skelton
Aiden Haggarty
Daniel Smith
Elijah Wolf
Steven Robertson
Ewen Bremner
John Kazek
Charlie Hardie
Scott Aitken
Gordon Kennedy
Jonny Lee Miller
Anjela Nedyalkova
Tereza Duskova
Elek Kish
Lewis Gribben
Dominic Maccoll
Calum Verrecchia
Simon Weir
Bradley Welsh
James Cosmo
Katie Leung
Thierry Mabonga
Atta Yaqub
Christopher Douglas
Pauline Turner
Scot Greenan
James McElvar
Connor McIndoe
Bryan Quinn
Irvine Welsh
Ged Hanley
Neil Thomson
Margaret Davies
Alex Jackson
Tom Urie
Phil Coppola
John Bell
Kyle Fitzpatrick
Kelly Macdonald
Eileen Nicholas
Michael Shaw
Kevin McKidd
Lauren Lamb
Devon Lamb
Amy Manson
Russell Dunsmore
Nebli Basani
Edyta Szewczyk
Fiori Miari
Pauline Lynch
Christopher Mullen
Hamish Haggerty
Daniel Jackson
Svetlana Yancheva
Emil Bonev
Paul Ellard
Samantha Ellard
Andrew Kelly

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1st February 2017

Making its debut on the UK box office this week is Sing which lands at the top knocking off La La Land, and in a surprise move keeps of T2 Trainspotting.

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Sing replaces La La Land which falls to number 3 this week with a £3.1 million 3rd weekend and a £20.9 million total UK gross.

Missing out on the top spot is the highly anticipated T2 Trainspotting which lands at number 2, the film is an 18 rating so the audience compared to Sing is limited, but £5.1 million is good and any other week would have easily seen the film enter at the top.

Also new this week is Hacksaw Ridge from director Mel Gibson at number 5 with £1.4 million and Rahm at number 7 with £521,000.

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A year ago
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Five years ago
War Horse made it 3 weeks at the top as well while the top new film was The Descendants which entered at number 2.

Ten years ago
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Fifteen years ago
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Twenty years ago
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Twenty five years ago
JFK was the top new film on the UK box office making its debut at number 1, it knocked Freddys Dead The Final Nightmare down to number 2 after a week at the top.

3rd November 2016

T2 Trainspotting get its first poster, compliments the originals poster perfectly.

3rd November 2016

T2 Trainspotting 2 first trailer- gritty, real, modern, just like the original.

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UK total gross
UK top grossing film
T2 Trainspotting

UK BBFC Certificate: 18


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Highest chart position: 2

Weeks on box office: 6

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