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 126 minutes (2 hours 06 minutes)
UK release date Released: 2nd July 2015  |  BBFC Age Rating:  Terminator Genisys 12A age rating
US release date Released: 1st July 2015
Terminator Genisys

Directed by

Alan Taylor


Jason Clarke
John Connor
Sarah Connor
Kyle Reese
J.K. Simmons
Dayo Okeniyi
Danny Dyson
Matt Smith
Courtney B. Vance
Miles Dyson
Byung-hun Lee
Michael Gladis
Lt. Matias
Sandrine Holt
Detective Cheung
Wayne Bastrup
Young O'Brien
Gregory Alan Williams
Detective Harding
Otto Sanchez
Detective Timmons
Matty Ferraro
Agent Janssen
Griff Furst
Agent Burke
Ian Etheridge
Skynet - 10 yrs old
Nolan Gross
Skynet - 12 / 14 yrs old
Seth Meriwether
Skynet - 18 yrs old
Afemo Omilami
Teri Wyble
Kerry Cahill
Lt. Whitley
Mark Adam
Kyle's Dad
Kerry O'Malley
Kyle's Mom
Willa Taylor
Young Sarah
James Moses Black
Security Guard
Terry Dale Parks
Security Guard
Anthony Michael Frederick
Lead Cop
Brandon Stacy
Uniform Cop
Brett Azar
Guardian - Young / Terminator T-800
Douglas M. Griffin
Thomas Francis Murphy
Joshua Mikel
Angry Driver
John Edward Lee
Luke Sexton
Aaron V. Williamson
Refugee / Terminator
Tony Donno
Hospital Security Guard
Ernest Wells
Garbage Man
Larry E. Lundy Jr.
Hero Guerria
Ross P. Cook
Christopher Heskey
Moses Munoz
Lisa McRee
Chat Show Host
Seth Carr
Young Boy
Bryant Prince
Young Kyle
Douglas Smith
Eric Thompson
Christion Troxell
Natalie Stephany Aguilar
Tiburon Kid on School Bus
Andre Allemand
Guerilla Soldier
Jerome Andries
Officer Fisher
Michael D. Anglin
Guerrilla Soldier
John L. Armijo
San Francisco Cop #2
Ari Atken
Tiburon Kid on School Bus
Mikiah Aubert
Girl Playing on Beach
Charles Barber
Guerilla Officer
Terri Battee
Guerrilla Officer
Sean Beck
Gregory Scott Bedford
Jennifer Bender
Eric Berris
Guerrilla Soldier
Patrick Constantine Bertagnolli Jr.
Officer Cazzuto
Tom Bui
Guerilla Soldier
Carter Burch
Guerilla Soldier
Lori Campbell
Brian Castellanos
John Ceallach
Guerrilla Soldier 2
David Michael Cefalu
Militia Soldier
Cabran E. Chamberlain
School Bus Driver
Kyle Russell Clements
Kyle Crosby
Robert Bigg Sarge Deon
Stephen Diamond
Alexander Eldimiati
John Garcia
Tina Gilton
Justin Goldsmith
Guerrilla Soldier
Victoria Greene
Kage Havok
Guerrilla Soldier
Garrett Hollingsworth
Shawntae Hughes
Lizeth Hutchings
Guerilla Soldier
Sergio Kato
Guerrilla Officer
Patrick Kearns
Steve Kish
Prisoner / Cyberdyne Employee
Johnny La
Douglas Lacey
Guerrilla Soldier
Kevin Lapham
Cyberdyne Employee
Mark Lavell
Beach Goer
Cynthia LeBlanc
Hospital Vistor
Elton LeBlanc
Justin Lebrun
Guerrilla Guard
Gerard Jerry Lewis
Edgar Leza
Taylor Lissarrague
War Prisoner
John Lobato
Guerrilla Officer
Mary Lu Marr
Starlette Miariaunii
Prison Rioter
Shamar Milton
Cyberdyne Employee
Mahal Montoya
Mom on the Beach
Grinnell Morris
Sarah's Father
Duane Moseley
Cyberdyne Employee
Gustavo I. Ortiz
Dalton Puckett
Bill Rainey
Diezel Ramos
Guerilla Soldier
Gus Rhodes
Cyberdyne Employee
Samantha Sadoff
Tiburon Kid on School Bus
Hassan Said
Guerilla Soldier
Giovanni Silva
Veronica Viruet Simpson
Guerrilla Soldier
Kerry Sims
Guerrilla Officer
Nathan ONeil Smith
Officer Schanker
Hannah Spiros
School Girl
Todd T Taylor
Cop 1
John Teal Jr.
Guerrilla Soldier
Erica Teeple
Tiburon Kid on School Bus
Joshua Tran
Undercover Cop
Nathan Tremaine
Joseph Velez
Special Agent Romero
Ethan Myles Venable
Brian Les Weinberger
Cyberdyne Corporate Event Employee
Douglas Wilcox II
Guerrilla Soldier
Benjamin Wood
Jesse Yarborough
Guerrilla Officer
Mitchell Yee
Resistance Soldier
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UK total gross
Terminator Genisys

US total gross
Terminator Genisys

Global total gross
Terminator Genisys
UK Age Rating
UK BBFC Certificate: 12A
UK Box Office Release Breakdown
UK release date:

Highest chart position: 2

Weeks on box office: 5

UK Box Office Chart History
Other Box Office History
14 August 2015
21 August 2015
28 August 2015
Box Office Gross Flow

3rd Jul

10th Jul

17th Jul

24th Jul

31st Jul

News from around the web

The latest Terminator film went wide this last weekend and although the film topped the global box office its a worrying time for the franchise, highest new entry is Weathering With You at number 6.

Terminator: Dark Fate

The new terminator movie opens wide this week in an extra 39 countries which brings its country count to 49 and takes $101.9 Million over the weekend.

The film way have made its way to the top of the global box office but this is lower at this point in the films run than the previous film Terminator Genisys which was considered a flop.

This entry in the long running franchise was supposed to be the start of a new trilogy, ironically like the previous film, but with these figures a long post mortem will need to be had.

Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil

Despite a slow start the Angelina Jolie sequel movie seems to be holding its own at the box office and this week takes $52.6 Million from 57 countries.

This boosts the films total global gross to $383.2 Million after 3 weeks of release, the film no doubt helped by Halloween last week and heavy promotion from Disney.


The DC villain movie continues to defy the odds and this week falls only to number 3 after 5 weeks of release with $50.9 Million from 80 Countries.

This pushes the films total gross to $934 Million and it should pass the Billion mark by next weekend or the weekend after.

Better Days

Last weeks top film falls to number 4 this week with $47.7 Million from just 3 countries, the film total gross is now $170.2 Million.

The Addams Family

The animated feature based on the Spooky Kooky family is at 5 this week with $34.4 Million from 33 countries for a total of $129 Million after 4 weeks.

Weathering With You

Weathering With You

Highest new film of the week is at number 6 with this Chinese animated movie, its not the films first week of release but as the film expands to 11 countries it makes its first appearance on the global box office.

The film takes $26.2 Million over the weekend for a total gross of $161.3 Million.

James Cameron is going back to the Terminator series to restart it, and with the latest news it looks like it will be a true sequel to Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

He already had Arnold Schwarzenegger on board and not The Hollywood Reporter is reporting he has Linda Hamilton back.

The character was killed off in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines which Cameron had nothing to do with, so to include the character and the original actress means the new trilogy will ignore all the films past part 2.

Terminator Genisys had the character but due to some time shift storyline it was a younger version and was played by Emilia Clarke.

The series is shaping up nicely, and it will be interesting to see how the story comes together if it is based 30 years after the events of Terminator part 2.

Despite competition from the British beloved comedy that is Ab Fab, The Life of Pets remains at the top of the UK box office for a second weekend.

In its second weekend The Life of Pets takes a gross of £4.7 million, this brings the films total gross to an very good £16.6 million after 2 weeks, the films weekly gross is over £7 million.

Highest new entry of the week in Absolutely Fabulous The Move which makes its debut at number 2, a weekend gross of £4.02 million.

The film version of the British comedy comes nearly 25 years after the TV series started on BBC and amazingly it still has all the original cast including leads Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders.

A good run should be in order for the film although as is often the case with TV to movie adaptation it will probably spend a lot of time in cinemas but out of the charts.

Also new this week is Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart in Central Intelligence which is new at 3.

Highest total grossing and longest running movie on the box office this week once again is The Jungle Book which over 12 weeks has grossed £47 million.

Historical charts

A years ago
The Minions remained at the top of the box office while highest new film was Terminator Genisys at number 2.

Five years ago
Transformers: Dark of The Moon is the highest new film at the top of the box office while falling to number 2 is Bridesmaids.

Ten years ago
New at the top of Dreamworks Over The Hedge while The Fast and The Furious Tokyo Drift falls down to number 3.

Fifteen years ago
Shrek was the new film at the top of the box office while Evolution falls to number 2.

Twenty years ago
The Rock remains firm at the top of the box office while highest new film is Moonlight and Valentino at number 4.

Twenty five years ago
The Naked Gun 2 ˝ The Smell of Fear makes its box office debut at the top knocking Silence of The Lambs down to number 2.

The latest in the growing saga of Terminator films, Terminator Genysis, this weeks makes its debut on the UK video charts at the top.

Terminator Genisys was released at the UK box office on 3rd July 2015 with the expectation for this the regenerate the series to its former glory.

Unfortunately it seems to have halted the series, it entered at number 2 which isn't good, with £3.8 million and after only 8 weeks, 5 weeks on chart 3 off, disappeared.

The film made £11 million in the UK which doesn't even make it one of the top grossing films, worldwide it made $322.4 million making it the 308th top grossing film.

Jurassic World falls from the top to number 2 this week after 3 weeks at number 1.

Also new this week are: Nativity 3: Dude Where's My Donkey?! at number 3, Amy at number 3, The Longest Ride at number 8, The Snow Queen Magic of The Ice Mirror at number ten and Get Santa at number 15.

With figures for global box office falling quite low this week the Trip Hop hit Straight Outta Compton bounces back to the top.

Now released in 14 countries Compton took $16.7 million last week to bring it's global total to $168 million, most of that business being in the US.

Last week top film Terminator Genisys takes a tumble this week after its better than expected showing in China and ends up at 6 with $11.6 million from 8 countries, global total is now $435.8 million.

Highest new film of the week is The Transporter Refueled which enters at number 7 with $11.1 million from 19 countries.

The reboot of the popular Transporter series has not set the world alight and sill struggle to stay with the pending holiday season coming.

Highest total grossing film on the global box office this week is Minions which has not taken just over $1 Billion and is still playing in 58 countries, this week is sits at number 4.

Here is the full global top 10:

  1. Straight Outta Compton - $16,748,840
  2. Mission: Impossible Rouge Nation - $16,550,000
  3. Minions - $13,617,070
  4. Hitman: Agent 47 - $13,575,000
  5. Ant-Man - $12,887,000
  6. Terminator Genisys - $11,635,000
  7. The Transporter Refueled - $11,130,000
  8. Inside Out - $10,246,000
  9. The Dead End - $9,900,000
  10. Man From U.N.C.L.E. - $9,645,000