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Thats My Boy

Thats My Boy
Directed by
Leighton Meester
Vanilla Ice
James Caan
Milo Ventimiglia
Blake Clark
Meagen Fay
Tony Orlando
Will Forte
Rachel Dratch
Peggy Stewart
Ana Gasteyer
Eva Amurri Martino
Justin Weaver
Todd Bridges
Dan Patrick
Rex Ryan
Dana Goodman
Julia Lea Wolov
Rebecca Marshall
Abigail Klein
Carrie Wiita
Jackie Sandler
Erin Andrews
Sam Kaufman
Danny Mendelson
Colin Quinn
Rao Rampilla
Patty Ross
Chris Titone
Alan Thicke
Ian Ziering
Mike Sandler
Sadie Sandler
Sunny Sandler
Abdoulaye NGom
Baron Davis
Amber Paul
Brad Grunberg
Dennis Dugan
Allen Zwolle
Nancy Yee
Koji Kataoka
Jason Venezia
Kristen Valinch
Sheriden Thomas
Claude Tondreau
Michael J. Cammilleri
Scott T. Beardsley
Christian E. Boeger
Sue Lee
Robert Harvey
Paul Pabst
Todd J. Fritz
Patrick S. O'Connor
Andrew J. Perloff
Rich Eisen
Corey D. Boykins
Matthew Eriksen
Elaine Victoria Grey
Tyler Isabelle
Emmanuel King
Steve Perry
Dennis Pietrantonio
Karli Rose
Diana Afonso
Christopher Alan
Kilo Alexander
Cassidy Alla
Emmalyn Anderson
Jacqueline Astbury
Stephanie Atkinson
James Barrett
Joseph Basile
Kamal Bassma
Alecia Batson
Ashley Amber Bottoms
Juliet Bowler
Darra Like Dat Boyd
Jordan Bradbury
Paul Bronk
Jodie Brunelle
Jeff T. Buco
Norm Buerklin
Niecy Cerise
Jeffrey Corazzini
Christopher Coulouras
Crystal Curran
Lily Davis
Jennifer De Minco
Richard DeAgazio
Kachina Dechert
Elisangela DiAlencar
Janet Egbe
Steve Flynn
Shawn Fogarty
Jane Forrestal
Carlyne Fournier
John Franchi
Savanah Gauthier
Sophia Gilberto
Max Goldwasser
Jayne Costello Goode
Michael J Hammett
Elle Hartman
Cheryl Hawe
Mackenzie Hawe
Marisa Iacomini
Frankie Imbergamo
Mike Jablon
Charles Matumbi Jackson
Ashley Jermaine
Colleen Kelly
Krystal Kenville
Ren Knopf
Michael Le
James L. Leite
John Joseph Lindsey
Kristi Lynn
Lindsay MacDonald
C.R. Marchi
Tom Mardirosian
Jeff Martineau
Robert Masiello
Richard Meehan
Christopher Mikael
Tony Moreira
Ken Murray
Ella Jane New
Christina Nicholls
Ed OKeefe
Chris Palermo
Jim Patton
Greg Paul
Mark Perrone
Janice Pringle
Meredith Prunty
Suzanne Prunty
Rebecka Ray
Donna Glee Reim
Floyd Richardson
Seth Romero
Gary Roscoe
Dannielle Rose
Kenneth Siddons
Sean Daniel Stentiford
Anita Storr
David Struffolino
Ben Tabor
Kallie Mariah Tabor
Ashley Tramonte
Haley Urbanik
George J. Vezina
Alison Wachtler
Kristin Waluk
Jamie Christopher White
James Wilcox
Nathan Wright

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Fri, 8th March 2019

Sandler as daddy dearest in 'That's My Boy' -- Zero stars  Chicago Tribune

Even with 87.5 years to go, the 21st century may never see a stupider comedy than"That's My Boy."But let's be positive, and express it as a wish for the film-going ...

Thu, 14th June 2012

Comedy about middle school statutory rape? Does Adam Sandler’s 'That’s My Boy' go too far?  Fox News

LOS ANGELES – Adam Sandler's comedy “That's My Boy,” slated for release on Father's Day 2012, centers on a 13-year-old boy named Donny having a sexual ...

Mon, 30th April 2012

‘That’s My Boy’ Review: Not Adam Sandler’s Worst, But Still Terrible  TheWrap

Andy Samberg is too smart and talented for the sexist, racist, misogynist yuk-yuks of this sewage treatment plant disguised as a comedy.

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Box Office Analysis: 'That's My Boy' Marks Second Disappointment in a Row for Adam Sandler  Hollywood Reporter

The actor's new raunchy R-rated comedy "That's My Boy" debuted to a dismal $13 million in North America over Father's Day weekend.

Sun, 17th June 2012

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Thats My Boy

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Thats My Boy

UK BBFC Certificate: 15


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