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The Anderson Tapes

The Anderson Tapes

Directed by

Sidney Lumet


Dyan Cannon
Martin Balsam
Ralph Meeker
Alan King
Christopher Walken
Val Avery
Dick Anthony Williams
Garrett Morris
Stan Gottlieb
Paul Benjamin
Anthony Holland
Richard B. Shull
Conrad Bain
Margaret Hamilton
Judith Lowry
Max Showalter
Janet Ward
Scott Jacoby
Norman Rose
Meg Myles
John Call
Raoul Kraushaar
John Braden
Paula Trueman
Michael B. Miller
Michael Prince
Frank Macetta
Jack Doroshow
Michael Clary
Hildy Brooks
Robert Dagny
Bradford English
Reid Cruickshanks
Tom Signorelli
Carmine Caridi
Michael Fairman
George Patelis
William J. Daprato
Sam Coppola
Mary Boylan
Bruce Brown
James Forster
Charles Frank
Al Kirk
Helen Martin
Tom Nobles

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