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The Ardennes

The Ardennes
Directed by
Robin Pront
Kevin Janssens
Jeroen Perceval
Veerle Baetens
Jan Bijvoet
Viviane de Muynck
Sam Louwyck
Peter Van den Begin
Eric Godon
Rachid El Ghazaoui
Nico Sturm
Luc Nuyens
Brit Van Hoof
Uwamungu Cornelis
Caroline Stas
Jacqueline Pluche
Andreas Perschewski
Joel Gosset
Olivier Bony
Hilde Wils
Dominique Van Malder
Bart de Graauw
Monique Van Oost

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From the opening shot of a panic-stricken Dave (Jeroen Perceval) emerging from a swimming pool, his face squished into a pair of tights, to a phone ...

Sun, 11th December 2016

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This tale of familial crime and punishment starts promisingly, but lurches off in various unconvincing directions and badly loses its way.

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At a glance, it would be easy to mistake The Ardennes for a documentary about the Dardennes, Belgium's most celebrated filmmakers. The enormous Ardennes ...

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The Ardennes Review | Movie  Empire

Empire's verdict on the debut film from Belgian director Robert Pront.

Sat, 26th November 2016

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