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The Best Of Enemies

The Best Of Enemies
Directed by
Taraji P. Henson
Babou Ceesay
Nick Searcy
Wes Bentley
Anne Heche
Bruce McGill
John Gallagher Jr.
Nicholas Logan
Gilbert Glenn Brown
Caitlin Mehner
Dolan Wilson
Morgan Mackey
Jennifer Sears
Wes McGee
Kendall Ryan Sanders
Chris Cavalier
Malerie Grady
Ryan Dinning
Najah Jackson
Bethany DeZelle
David Plunkett
Al Hamacher
McKenzie Applegate
Brody Rose
Carson Holmes
Nadej K. Bailey
Kevin Iannucci
Susan Williams
Lucius Baston
Jeanette Branch
Rachel Bagley
Jessica Miesel
Charles Orr
Tim Ware
Jill Jane Clements
Ned Vaughn
Dawntavia Bullard
Sope Aluko
Coley Campany
Elizabeth Omilami
Arin Logan
Kameron Kierce
Charles A. Black
Aaron K Smalls
Hope Leigh
Bart Hansard
Jeremy Daniel Madden
Morgan Brown
Robert Harvey
Cranston Johnson
Afemo Omilami
Chant Bowser
Rhoda Griffis
Jack Montague
Wilbur Fitzgerald
Shane Jackson
Lindsey Moser
Chanel Young
Michael Hyland Cole
Shane Biseell
Lexston Bearss
Fred Bobbitt
Jasmine Bolton
Trent Bounds
Aria Brooks
James Burns
Andrea Antonio Canal
Timothy Carr
Lucie Carroll
Michael H. Cole
Joy Johnson Coleman
John Collier
Marcy Conway
Annie Cook
Kyle Crawford
Aidan Daly
Steven Dutton
Jacob Evans
Martin Feigen
Adam Forrester
Curtis Gammage
Michele Garren
Clifford Gay
Cecil M. Henry
Thomas Mark Higgins
Maxwell Highsmith
Jon Horstman
Lauren Jenkins
Sierra D Jones
Rae Jordan
Jeffrey Kimble
Chuck Laws
Tweed Michael Manning
Perla Middleton
Timothy D. Montjoy
Bradley Newcomer
Brittany Nicole
Rae Olivier
Donald K. Overstreet
Devito Parker Jr.
Mason Pike
Michael G. Plumides Jr.
Letecia Reeder
Milton Saul
Jared Sawyer Jr.
Ashley Shanea
Kimberly Shires
Alyssa Marie Stilwell
Elizabeth Thorp
Joey Thurmond
Isaac Tillman
Lina Zalewski

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Thu, 4th April 2019

The Best of Enemies movie reviewed  BBC News

A new Hollywood film explores the unusual alliance that emerges between a local leader of the white supremacist group, the Ku Klux Klan, and a black ...

Thu, 11th April 2019

Ann Atwater’s amazing rise from advocate for the poor to ‘Best of Enemies’ stardom  Washington Post

In 1967, Ann Atwater, a black civil rights advocate and community organizer, arrived for an appointment with a white school board member in Durham, N.C..

Fri, 5th April 2019

Review: Another civil rights story gets superficial treatment in ‘The Best of Enemies’  Los Angeles Times

Review: "The Best of Enemies" is yet another Hollywood film that tells a civil rights story from a white man's perspective.

Thu, 4th April 2019

Best of Enemies: How true story starring Taraji P. Henson, Sam Rockwell became a movie  Durham Herald Sun

'The Best of Enemies,' the 2019 film starring Taraji P. Henson and Sam Rockwell, tells the true story of Durham civil rights. Here is how the movie was made.

Fri, 29th March 2019

In ‘Best of Enemies,’ he helped change Durham history. ’I didn’t expect a miracle.’  Rock Hill Herald

The Best of Enemies” movie stars Taraji P. Henson as Durham activist Ann Atwater and Sam Rockwell as Klansman C.P. Ellis, who became unlikely friends.

Fri, 29th March 2019

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