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The Comic Those aged 5 and older admitted, but not recommended for children under 14 years of age

The Comic

Directed by

Carl Reiner


Dick Van Dyke
Michele Lee
Cornel Wilde
Nina Wayne
Pert Kelton
Steve Allen
Barbara Heller
Ed Peck
Jeannine Riley
Gavin MacLeod
Jay Novello
Craig Huebing
Paulene Myers
Fritz Feld
Jerome Cowan
Isabel Sanford
Jeff Donnell
Carl Reiner
Frank Adamo
Lillian Adams
Priscilla Ann
Robert Ball
Rex Benson
Mel Berger
Jack Berle
Frank Biro
William Boyce
Peter Brocco
Linda Burton
Patrick Campbell
Calvin Coolidge
Suzanne Covington
Billy Curtis
Maurice Dallimore
Howard Dayton
Luis Delgado
Peter Paul Eastman
Joyce Easton
Geoff Edwards
Lynn Fields
Harry Fleer
Paul Frees
Sig Frohlich
Ben Frommer
Dee Gardner
Bobby Gilbert
The Great John L.
Clive Halliday
Alvin Hammer
Carter Harbaugh
Andre Hemmers
Brick Huston
Scott James
Stardedt Kaava
Lou Kane
Suzie Kaye
Kenner G. Kemp
Walter Kightly
Marilyn Malloy
Frank Mathias
Kres Mersky
Celeste Michaels
Mantan Moreland
Howard Morris
Ottola Nesmith
William H. O'Brien
Angel Pine
Ward Ramsey
Bob Rhodes
Christopher Ross
Mark Russell
Cosmo Sardo
Joe Sawyers
Jeffrey Sayre
Johnny Silver
Ralph Smiley
Irene Tedrow
Viki Vigen
Johnny Weissmuller
Jean Willes
Dick Winslow
Bill Zuckert

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UK BBFC Certificate: A

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19th July 2019

San Diego Comic Con has kicked of and one of the first things to come out of the Comic Book and film conference is a new trailer for IT Chapter 2.

The trailer delves further into the story and gives the adult Losers Club a good showing and sets the scene for the new confrontation with Pennywise.

The new trailer is not as scary as the first trailer for the film but you can see this film is going to have a good dramatic style to it.

The film which stars Bill Skarsgard and Jessica Chastain is set for a September 6th 2019 release which is the same time frame of 2017's original movie which was a smash hit and made £32 Million in the UK $700 Million world wide.

Check out the new trailer below.

2nd April 2019

Guillermo del Toro brought us a version of Hellboy in the early naughties but this year director Neil Marshall brings us his re-image of the super hero.

15 Certificate

Looking darker and more like the comic book the new film stars David Harbour as the title character.

The BBFC have given the film a 15 rating in the UK for strong bloody violence, gore, language and the film has a runtime of 121 minutes (2 hours 1 minute).

1st March 2019

With the April 11th release dat fast approaching for the rebooted Hellboy today Lionsgate give us a new Red Band trailer.

This looks very different to the Guillermo del Toro version of the story, which is most likely done purposely, with this looking grittier and arguably more like the comic book source material.

Directed by Neil Marshall and starring David Harbour you can check out the new trailer below.

21st January 2019

All change for another weekend at the US box office as M. Night Shyamalan new film Glass takes over with one of the directors best openings.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly


Despite being a celebrated director M. Night Shyamalan hasn't had the easiest of times with his movies, but last year he hit the big time again with Split and now he hits the top with a sequel or sorts.

The film makes its debut at number 1 knocking The Upside off with $40.5 million, which is a touch above Split's debut.

The Upside

Falling to number 2 this week after a single week at the top the comedy drama takes $15.6 million to boost its total to $43.9 million after 2 weekends.


Still riding high this week is the DC Universe movie which has turned into the biggest grossing movie from the comic book series.

The film takes $10.3 million this week which pushes its US total past the $300 million mark to $304.3 million.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly

The smash hit animation goes wider this week and goes to number 4 with a $8.7 million weekend which brings its total US gross to $19.5 million.

Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse

The Animated film from Sony continues its incredible run on the box office sitting at number 5 this week with $7.25 million which brings its total US gross to $158.2 million.

3rd January 2016

2015 proves to be a big year for films, with some genuinely great movies, The Force Awakens proved to be better than expected while Spectre proved to be not as good as Skyfall.

Looking at the films coming out in 2016 one thing for sure that I notice, although there are some big films this early in the year I'm not as excited as I was this time last year.

I've missed out some big films here, mainly because they are just another superhero movie, or just another comedy, the 10 film here are the films us here at 25thframe.co.uk are most excited about.

  1. Star Wars Rogue One
  2. After 2015's Star Wars: The Force Awakens we were all really excited for the Star Wars universe again and although Disney are taking a big risk by producing what is essentially a prequel to the original film, and sequel to Revenge of the Sith, this should be excellent even if it has an ounce of the greatness of The Force Awakens.

  3. Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice
  4. We loved The Man of Steel, and this pairing, and start of The League of Justice is something to look forward to, the trailer look great so we should be in for a great film.

  5. Ghostbusters
  6. The original is still one of our all time favourite movies, McCarthy as a leading lady is a joy to watch and will be great with a proton pack, Paul Feig (director) just needs to do a really good job of directing, we have full faith in him!

  7. Suicide Squad
  8. The first trailer got us really pumped for this, if the final product is as crazy as the comic book and the promise this could be one to look out for.

  9. The Hateful Eight
  10. Tarantino back in the Western arena, his early career promised more than his latter career has delivered but he is still one of the few directors that can make us want to see a film.

  11. How to Be Single
  12. We are always up for a laugh and female led comedies are the flavour of the time, We loved both Pitch Perfect films and Rebel Wilson is always good for a laugh, Dakota Johnson won us over in Fifty Shades of Grey.

  13. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
  14. Not a massive Harry Potter fans here, but we are intrigued by the universe, the rides and areas at Universal Theme Parks in Florida are amazing and thats the feeling we had when watching the trailer.

  15. Finding Dory
  16. Finding Nemo is the greatest Pixar film to date, so can this go wrong? The idea and the teaser don't do it for us so were scared!

  17. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
  18. Mixing Jane Austin with a zombie apocalypse is just a genius move, cant wait!

  19. Dads Army
  20. We don't like the TV series, but you cant argue that when the first trailer was released it just oozed with Britishness of a by gone era, the cast is also inspired, hence this just makes the list.

Let us know what you think of the list and what your looking forward to in 2016.