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The Congress

The Congress
Directed by
Ari Folman
Harvey Keitel
Kodi Smit-McPhee
Danny Huston
Sami Gayle
Michael Stahl-David
Ed Corbin
Christopher B. Duncan
Evan Ferrante
Michal Kahan
John Lacy
Michael Landes
Jill Maddrell
Jrg Vincent Malotki
Don McManus
Charlie Megira
Sarah Shahi
Kevin Thompson
Cooper Thornton
Shawn Weber
August Wittgenstein
Matthew Wolf

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Election update: It's Swiggy exec versus Prakash Raj in Bengaluru  Quartz

A food delivery executive is no formidable challenger to a popular film star or a serving member of parliament. Yet, 38-year-old Jenifar Russell hopes to grab at ...

Thu, 18th April 2019

Vivek Agnihotri: 'I could never make 'Tashkent Files' under Congress govt. Urban Naxals don't question the state. They only want to ridicule one person'  DailyO

Filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri has made a sensation with his movie The Tashkent Files. Speaking with Rohit E David, Agnihotri discussed Congress reactions, ...

Fri, 19th April 2019

"Bogus Film Of A Flop Hero": Congress Comeback On Vivek Oberoi's Jibe  NDTV News

Actor Vivek Oberoi's pot-shot at the Congress that its leaders were scared of the chowkidar's danda (watchman's baton) has prompted the party's comeback.

Thu, 4th April 2019

Why India's Congress want Modi film halted  gulfnews.com

India's main opposition Congress party has petitioned election officials to delay the release of a flattering new biopic about Prime Minister Narendra Modi until ...

Wed, 27th March 2019

‘Like in Ghajini movie’: PM Modi says Congress doesn’t remember promises  Hindustan Times

The Congress party has become like the main protagonist in the Ghajini movie. They don't remember the promises they have made in earlier manifestos,” said ...

Sat, 6th April 2019

Bollywood Is Releasing a Modi Biopic. India’s Opposition Isn’t Happy  Bloomberg

A Bollywood biopic of India's prime minister is set to hit theaters days before the country's general election begins, raising demands from the political opposition ...

Sun, 31st March 2019

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The Congress

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