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The Cotton Club No one younger than 15 may see a 15 film in a cinema.


2nd May
The Cotton Club

Directed by


Gregory Hines
Diane Lane
Lonette McKee
Bob Hoskins
James Remar
Allen Garfield
Fred Gwynne
Gwen Verdon
Lisa Jane Persky
Maurice Hines
Julian Beck
Novella Nelson
Laurence Fishburne
John P. Ryan
Tom Waits
Ron Karabatsos
Glenn Withrow
Wynonna Smith
Thelma Carpenter
Charles Honi Coles
Larry Marshall
Joe Dallesandro
Ed ORoss
Frederick Downs Jr.
Diane Venora
Tucker Smallwood
Woody Strode
Bill Graham
Dayton Allen
Kim Chan
Ed Rowan
Leonard Termo
George Cantero
Brian Tarantina
Bruce MacVittie
James Russo
Giancarlo Esposito
Bruce Hubbard
Rony Clanton
Damien Leake
Bill Cobbs
Joe Lynn
Oscar Barnes
Ed Zang
Sandra Beall
Zane Mark
Tom Signorelli
Paul Herman
Randle Mell
Steve Vignari
Susan Mechsner
Gregory Rozakis
Marc Coppola
Norma Jean Darden
Robert Earl Jones
Vincent Jerman-Jerosa
Rosalind Harris
Steve Cafiso
John Cafiso
Sofia Coppola
Ninon Digiorgio
Daria Hines
Patricia LeTang
Christopher Lewis
Danielle Osborne
Jason Papalardo
Demetrius Peña
Priscilla Baskerville
Ethel Beatty
Sydney Goldsmith
James Buster Brown
Ralph Brown
Harold Cromer
Bubba Gaines
George Hillman
Henry Phace Roberts
Howard Sandman Sims
Jimmy Slyde
Henry LeTang
Charles Young
Skip Cunningham
Luther Fontaine
Jan Mickens
Lydia Abarca
Sarita Allen
Tracey Bass
Jacquelyn Bird
Shirley Black-Brown
Jhoe Breedlove
Leslie Caldwell
Melanie Caldwell
Benny Clorey
Sheri Cowart
Karen DiBianco
Cisco Drayton
Ann Duquesnay
Carla Earle
Wendy Edmead
Debbie Fitts
Ruddy L. Garner
Ruthanna Graves
Terri Griffin
Robin Harmon
Jackée Harry
Sonya Hensley
Dave Jackson
Gail Kendricks
Christina Kumi Kimball
Mary Beth Kurdock
Alde Lewis
Paula Lynn
Bernard Manners
Bernard Marsh
David McHarris
Delores McHarris
Vody Najac
Vya Negromonte
Alice Anne Oates
Anne Palmer
Julie Pars
Antonia Pettiford
Valarie Pettiford
Janet Powell
Renee Rodriguez
Tracey Ross
Kiki Shepard
Gary Thomas
Mario Van Peebles
Rima Vetter
Karen Wadkins
Ivery Wheeler
Donald Williams
Alexis Wilson
Linda Gillen
Bella Jarrett
George Coutoupis
Scott Crawford
Kimberly Dorsey
Anton Evangelista
Nicholas J. Giangiulio
Suzanne Kaaren
Mark Margolis
Naylon Mitchell
Kirk Taylor
Stan Tracy
Rick Washburn

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UK total gross
The Cotton Club

UK BBFC Certificate: 15

Popular in: France and Germany

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UK release date:

Highest chart position: 2

Weeks on box office: 5

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