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The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

Directed by


Julia Ormond
Faune A. Chambers
Elias Koteas
Donna Duplantier
Jacob Tolano
Earl Maddox
Ed Metzger
Jason Flemyng
Danny Vinson
David Jensen
Joeanna Sayler
Taraji P. Henson
Mahershala Ali
Fiona Hale
Patrick Thomas O'Brien
Marion Zinser
Peter Donald Badalamenti II
Danny Nelson
Paula Gray
Lance E. Nichols
Rampai Mohadi
Troi Bechet
Phyllis Somerville
Elle Fanning
Ted Manson
Clay Cullen
Edith Ivey
Robert Towers
Sonya Leslie-Shepherd
Yasmine Abriel
Madisen Beaty
Tom Everett
Don Creech
Christopher Maxwell
Joshua DesRoches
Richmond Arquette
Josh Stewart
Ilia Volok
Tilda Swinton
David Ross Paterson
Taren Cunningham
Myrton Running Wolf
Stephen Taylor
Devyn A. Tyler
Adrian Armas
Wilbur Fitzgerald
Ashley Nolan
Louis Herthum
Katta Hules
Rus Blackwell
Joel Bissonnette
Deneen Tyler
Spencer Daniels
Chandler Canterbury
Charles Henry Wyson
Jessica Cropper
Katherine Crockett
Leslie Augustine
Blake Balu
Aliane Baquerot
Dewayne Bateman
Brett Beoubay
Eve Brent
Megan Brown
Melissa Cabrera
Clay Chamberlin
Bianca Chiminello
Lauri Christi
Emma Degerstedt
Walter Delmar
Louis Dupuy
Marian Filali
Joe Fontana
Garrett Forbes
Debby Gaudet
Simone-Elise Girard
Geraldine Glenn
Zuri Goldman
Victoria Goulet
Malerie Grady
Derrick Guidry
Bob Harter
Aaron Jennings Hartnell
Tim Harvey
Emily Howe
Rhonda Huete
Grant James
Christopher Karl Johnson
Shiloh Jolie-Pitt
Jeffrey Scott Jones
Nadyia Jones
Antonia Kanischtscheff
Jonathan Lane
Cynthia LeBlanc
Elton LeBlanc
Naima Lett
Heather Lipson
Kevin Lorio
Audrey Lynn
Alec Mazo
Angelina McCoy
Jay Oliver
Michael Owens
Nick Reasons
Ross Rouillier
Robert W. Savina
Craig Sawyer
Andy Sims
Chaz Smith
Logan Douglas Smith
Terry Lee Smith
Lauren Swinney
Jennifer Toffel
Yvette Tucker
Daniel Vincent
Gelsey Weiss
Autumn Withers
Brianna Womick
Michael Wozniak

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12th February 2014

After an impressive 3 week run at the top Wolf of Wall Street this week surrenders to animated feature Mr Peabody and Sherman.

An early half term treat for the kids, Mr Peabody makes a splash at the top with £3.9 million over the weekend beating out quite easily a challenge from the Robocop reboot which lands at 2 with £2.4 million.

The Wolf of Wall Street dips to number 3 with a weekend take of £1.6 million bringing it's total to £17 million.

New films this week:

  • Mr Peabody and Sherman
  • Robocop (2014)
  • Dallas Buyers Club
  • Rusalka Met Opera 2014

This time last year Disney's Wreck-It Ralph made a good debut at the top of the box office knocking the 4 week champion Les Mis from the top.

Five years ago there was also a change at the top with Brad Pitt starring in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button making it's debut knocking Slumdog Millionaire down to number 3.

Ten years ago it was a similar story when Jet Black's starring School of Rock took over at the top on it's debut knocking the previous weeks top film Scary Movie 3 to number 4.

Fifteen years ago (and not to sound too receptive) A Bugs Life took over at the top on it's debut week knocking Shakespeare In Love into the runner up spot.

Finally twenty years ago Mrs Doubtfire was still the big film of February with Free Willy proving to be the big new film of the month.

29th December 2009

Who said that the box office was dead? Well Warner Bros. are set to make $4bn this year in Box Office takings, the highest a studio has ever made in a calendar year.

The big films which helped Warners hit this target were harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, their highest grosser this year, The Hangover, Yes Man, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button and Gran Torino which all came in over $100m in worldwide grosses.

Other films which have helped are Watchmen, Terminator Salvation and The Blind Side which is yet to see a UK release but did big business in the US. Sherlock Holmes is also sure to make big money for Warners which came out over the Christmas holiday break.

Sure ticket prices are higher today than they have ever been, but we have home cinema systems today which are more affordable than ever and make staying in and watching a video a better experience than ever, couple this with the ever growing Blu-ray and video on demand market and it's a real challenge for the multiplexes.

Looking at the top earners of recent years though and they are all films which are better experienced on a large screen rather than youre at home 50 inch plasma. Except for last years top film, Mamma Mia, which for some reason took on a life of its own?

7th June 2009

The annual BAFTA awards for film took place in the Royal Opera House on Sunday night with many stars attending including Kate Winslet, Danny Boyle and Brad Pitt.

The ceremony is the UK's equivalent of the Oscars and has taken place 2 weeks before the American ceremony. Slumdog Millionaire and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button were the two films expected to take the big awards before the ceremony began.

The winners were fairly predictable with Winslet winning for The Reader, Mickey Rouke winning for The Wrestler, Penelope Cruz winning supporting actress for Vicky Cristina Barcelona and of course the late Heath Ledger winning for Supporting Actor.

As the evening unfolded is became clear, predictably, that Slumdog was going to be top dog for the evening, a British film in a British ceremony, what did you expect?

Benjamin Button got a couple of awards but it was Slumdogs evening wining best film and director for Danny Boyle.

The attention for those interested turns to the Oscars now where Slumdog wont do so well but the money is on Slumdog to beat Benjamin Button for best film but not director.

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The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

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The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

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The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

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