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The Dilemma

21st January
The Dilemma

Directed by


Amy Morton
Chelcie Ross
Eduardo N. Martinez
Rance Howard
Clint Howard
Guy Van Swearingen
Troy West
Laura Whyte
Grace Rex
Mike McNamara
Rebecca Spence
Tim Rhoze
Madison Dirks
Michael Patrick Thornton
Mimi Sagadin
Sandy Marshall
Talulah Riley
William Smillie
Jillian Burfete
Katie Korby
Catherine Bruzzini
Laura Cooper
Mariko Hayashi-Hall
Cheryl Hamada
Gary Houston
Wendy George
Keith Kupferer
Kevin Bigley
Christina Anthony
Philip Rayburn Smith
Elaine Robinson
Noah Jerome Schwartz
Chant Ren Linwood
Kielor Roberts
Benjamin Toby Mullinkosson
Nick Brade
Michael Trnka
Karen Aldridge
Gene Honda
Heidi Johanningmeier
Brennan Buhl
William M. Connor
Chris Meister
Charlie Hilbrant
Maura Antas
Duke Czlonka
Dave McNulty
Steven James Price
Tommy Bartlett
Joseph Canales
Kelly Coughlin
Shannon Edwards
Amanda Marie Fausher
Kelvin Felix
Nathan Geist
Adam Goodell
Don Kress
Michael Kuster
Andrew J. Lee
Samuel Meadows
Jos Mara Mendiola
Bryan C. Ordman
January Stern
Will Thompson

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4th February 2011

Having already done big business in the US and currently standing as the 104th all time grossing film in the world Tangled this week tops the UK box office chart.

The new traditional film, as in hand drawn rather than CGI (although computers were used in the production) is the story of Rapunzel, although I think this Rapunzel is a little less the princess in the tower type. Over the weekend is tool a respectable £5,106,612.

Falling to number 2 this week after 3 weeks on top is The King's Speech, a weekend gross of £ 3,634,265 takes it's total to £24,905,378. With many awards in the bag and many more to come expect this to hang around for a while and gross a lot more.

Also in award contention is the number 3 film Black Swan, Natalie Portman is picking up actress awards left right and center and its gross reflects this with £2,566,346 last weekend and £7,305,659 in total.

Jason Statham makes a debut at 4 this week with The Mechanic taking £921,554 and The Dilemma is at 5 taking £669,368 expanding its gross to £2,292,011. This weeks box office is quite a bit up on last years where Avatar was still at the top but slowing down and Mel Gibson was the highest new entry with Edge of Darkness.

27th January 2011

Among all the Oscar and BAFTA buzz that is surrounding The Kings Speech at the moment it's no surprise to see it still topping the UK box office chart in it's third week of release.

Just to mention the Oscars, The Kings Speech has got more Nomination than any other film this year, 12 in Total, and it gets nods in all major categories except for Best Actress, it's up for Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress and Best Screenplay to name just half of it's nominated categories.

Onto this weeks chart and the film took a very impressive £ 4,226,074 in it's 3rd week, which brings it's total to £ 18,312,482. It will be interesting to see if the award momentum can keep it at number one.

Top new release of the week is the Oscar nominated Black Swan starring Natalie Portman. The ballet drama which also stars Winona Ryder took £2,762,429 during it's first weekend.

Slipping to third this week is The Green Hornet with £1,187,652 and a total gross after 2 weeks of £ 3,830,737.

New at 4 is The Dilemma with £1,102,798, a disappointing debut for a Ron Howard film starring Vince Vaughn, and making a slow fall down is Gulliver's Travels at 5 with £992,382 making it's total £13,728,081.

This weeks chart is again lower than this time last year where Avatar and Sherlock Holmes were still pulling in the audience with Alvin and the Chipmunks 2, Up in the Air and It's Complicated also doing very good business.

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UK total gross
The Dilemma

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The Dilemma

UK BBFC Certificate: 12

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Highest chart position: 4

Weeks on box office: 3

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