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The Double

(2011 )

Michael Brandt
Topher Grace
Martin Sheen
Tamer Hassan
Stephen Moyer
Chris Marquette
Odette Annable
Stana Katic
Yuri Sardarov
Ivan Fedorov
Ed Kelly
Jeffrey Pierce
Lawrence Gilliard Jr.
Mike Kraft
Andy Manning
Randy Flagler
Ella Maltby
Dan Lemieux
Maxfield Lund
Jimmy Ortega
Darcy Leutzinger
Ele Bardha
Nina Kircher
Devin Scillian
Jimmy Rhoades
Hugh Maguire
Jamie Ridge
Sonja Crosby
Nicole Forester
David Shackelford
Isaac Ellis
Matt McColm
Frank Fileti
Danny Maze
Michael J. Babcock
Benjamin Brennan
Ron Causey
John P. Chittick
Michael B. Clark
Jeremy Cook
Colin Crenshaw
Hope Crenshaw
Jacob Fields
David Glahn
Nick Grosvenor
Steven Hauptman
Madison Haze
Jason Hughley
Ellen Kimmel
Bill Lumbert
Ralph H. Meyer
Orleans Miranda
Johnny Otto
Andy Rathburg
Jeffrey Sill
Eric Tuchelske
Laurie Valko
Johnathon VanDusen
Daniel Everett Watson
Martin Wheeler
Michael Whitener
Mozi Zhuli

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18th September 2017

For the second weekend IT reigned at the US box office, while the battle for highest new film went to American Assassin rather than Mother as some expected.

Grossing $60 million on its second weekend of release Warner Bros. have a true hit on their hands with IT, for a horror film, as it has been marketed, a 50% drop is fantastic.

This weekend gross takes the films total gross in the US to $218 million after 2 weekend of release, this should be enough to see the film go well over $300 million at the box office.

After much hype the Jennifer Lawrence starring Mother! could not beat American Assassin as the top new film, the former enters the chart at number 2 with $14.8 million.

Maybe this is a lesson for over hyped film as Assassin didnít get nearly as much marketing dollars and yes outgrossed it 2 to 1 on their debuts.

Mother! did come in at number 3 with $7.5 million, although to put things into perspective IT at number 1 made more that the rest of the box office put together.

Once again Spider-Man Homecoming does the double whammy of longest running film with 11 weeks on the chart and highest total grossing movie with $330 million in US grosses to date.

28th January 2015

Clint Eastwood is riding high on the wave of critical success and award success, and celebrates his Oscar nominated film by seeing it top the UK box office.

He now manages the double of having the top film in the UK and America at the same time, and if Oscar night is fruitful it could see American Sniper do some really big business.

This week the film, on it's 3rd week of release, takes £2.5 million giving it a UK total gross of £6.6 million, it's world gross is $252 million to date.

Tak3n falls from the top spot after 2 week in the position, a £1.8 million weekend brings it's total gross to £15,1million.

Ex Machina is the highest new film of the week at 5, a £1.1 million weekend is quite weak but the Alex Garland film has had really good reviews which could help it in future weeks.

Also new this week is: Mortdecai disappointingly at 7 and The Gambler at 8.

Historical charts

A year ago
The Wolf of Wall Street was still holding onto the number 1 spot for another week while Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit was the highest new film at 3.

Five years ago
There was still no moving the might of Avatar at the top and with a fairly static chart Brothers was the highest new film at number 9!

Ten years ago
Closer stayed at the top of the box office and again with little movement on the chart Elektra was the highest new film at number 6.

Fifteen years ago
Sleepy Hollow stayed at the top of the box office with the highest new film coming in at number 3 in the shape of Stigmata.

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