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The Ex

The Ex
Directed by
Jesse Peretz
Amanda Peet
Charles Grodin
Mia Farrow
Lucian Maisel
Donal Logue
Fred Armisen
Bob Stephenson
Yaffit Hallely
Josh Charles
Marin Hinkle
Yul Vazquez
Michael Lawson
Nick Grodin
Robert John Burke
Romany Malco
Carole Troll
Sarah Jenkins
Edmund Lyndeck
Caitlin Miller
Lauren Weedman
Michael Cumpsty
Katie Barrett
John Benjamin Hickey
Declan Patrick Schenck
Brayden Julian Schenck
Connor Grace
Frank Girardeau
Ian Hyland
Tarina Pouncy
Cyrus Hernstadt
Sig Libowitz
Sheila K. Adams
Edwin Lopez
Eddie McGee
Ismael Peter Casillas III
Shevy Gutierrez
Vivian Kalinov
Laurent Vernin

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UK BBFC Certificate: 12

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