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The Final Countdown General viewing, but some scenes may be unsuitable for young children. A PG film should not unsettle a child aged around eight or older. Unaccompanied children of any age may watch, but parents are advised to consider whether the content may upset younger, or more sensitive, children.


103 minutes (1 hours 43 minutes)
30th May
The Final Countdown

Directed by

Don Taylor


Kirk Douglas
Capt. Matthew Yelland
Martin Sheen
Warren Lasky
Katharine Ross
Laurel Scott
James Farentino
Cdr. Richard Owens / Mr.Tideman
Ron O'Neal
Cdr. Dan Thurman
Charles Durning
Senator Samuel Chapman
Victor Mohica
Black Cloud
James Coleman
Lt. Perry
Soon-Tek Oh
Joe Lowry
Cdr. Damon
Alvin Ing
Lt. Kajima
Mark Thomas
Marine Cpl. Kullman
Harold Bergman
Dan Fitzgerald
Navy Doctor
Lloyd Kaufman
LCdr. Kaufman
Peter Douglas
Ted Richert
Tideman's Assistant
George Warren
Tideman's Bodyguard
Gary Morgan
Helicopter Crewman
Phil Philbin
Robert Goodman
Enlisted Man
Richard Liberty
LCdr. Moss
Neil Ronco
Bill Couch
Jack McDermott
Masayuki Yamazuki
George H. Strohsahl Jr.
Air Boss
Ronald R. Stoops
Kenneth J. Jaskolski
Assistant Air Boss
Sergei M. Kowalchik
Jake Dennis
Helicopter Pilot
Jim Toone
Helicopter Co-Pilot
Edward J. Deats
Robert L. Huffman
Radio Officer
James R. Augustus
Jr. Officer Of The Deck
Sam P. Baldwin
Lee Helmsman
Ronnie J. Ellis
Captain's Aide
Timothy W. Gersbacher
Enlisted Man
Wayne L. Flesher
Enlisted Man
William S. Frost
Enlisted Man
David H. Signor
Enlisted Man
Tommy Abel
USS Nimitz Crew
Andrew Akerson
USS Nimitz Crew
Edward Andrews
USS Nimitz Crew
Nick L. Anelli
USS Nimitz Crew
Frank R. Arko
USS Nimitz Crew
Emory W. Brown
USS Nimitz Crew
Michael K. Balint
USS Nimitz Crew
James Bulick
USS Nimitz Crew
Andris Dambekaln
USS Nimitz Crew
John T. Davis
USS Nimitz Crew
Michael A. Davis
USS Nimitz Crew
James A. Dennis Jr.
USS Nimitz Crew
Frank D. Ramio
USS Nimitz Crew
Jerry D. Elliott
USS Nimitz Crew
Richard Farrell
USS Nimitz Crew
James W. Huston
USS Nimitz Crew
Richard M. Johnson
USS Nimitz Crew
Ronald Kissel
USS Nimitz Crew
Michael J. Kubat
USS Nimitz Crew
Raymond P. Langley
USS Nimitz Crew
Eric Lofquist
USS Nimitz Crew
Kermit L. McCorble
USS Nimitz Crew
Robert K. Miller
USS Nimitz Crew
William H. Miller
USS Nimitz Crew
Gerry Mountcastle
USS Nimitz Crew
William McCluskey
USS Nimitz Crew
Alan Mullen
USS Nimitz Crew
Charles F. Myers
USS Nimitz Crew
Jeffery L. Myers
USS Nimitz Crew
Randy M. Olin
USS Nimitz Crew
David F. Person
USS Nimitz Crew
Raymond M. Reynaud
USS Nimitz Crew
Daniel C. Rockwell
USS Nimitz Crew
Francis Ross
USS Nimitz Crew
Trevor R. Sandison
USS Nimitz Crew
Gregory T. Swarney
USS Nimitz Crew
Andrey Swystun
USS Nimitz Crew
Christopher V. Totis
USS Nimitz Crew
Mark Trenor
USS Nimitz Crew
Brian Tyndall
USS Nimitz Crew
Peter D. Vogt
USS Nimitz Crew
David Wanamaker
USS Nimitz Crew
Stephen G. Weaver
USS Nimitz Crew
Jan P. Werson
USS Nimitz Crew
Steven G. Williams
USS Nimitz Crew
Aaron B. Wilson
USS Nimitz Crew
Michael Wilson
USS Nimitz Crew
David E. Young
USS Nimitz Crew
Sam Beaver
USS Nimitz Crew
Jack Cruse
USS Nimitz Crew
Michael Jacobus
Pilot / USS Nimitz Crew
Gregg Kubu
USS Nimitz Crew / Marine Officer
Rhiannon A. La Passioneria
Radio Operator
Benjamin Sarmiento
USS Nimitz Crew

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The Final Countdown

UK BBFC Certificate: PG

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Highest chart position: 2

Weeks on box office: 7

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