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The Grudge

31st January
The Grudge

Directed by

Nicolas Pesce


Betty Gilpin
Andrea Riseborough
William Sadler
John Cho

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29th October 2019

The latest re-imaging of Japanese horror film The Grudge gets a first trailer with plenty of shock horror moments to keep the horror fans happy over Halloween.

Sony Pictures

The original Japanese version came out in in 2002, called in Japan Ju-on it was directed by Takashi Shimizu.

It was then remade for the Western audience by the same director in 2004 and it starred Sarah Michelle Gellar, who at the time was hot off the heels of starring as Buffy The Vampire Slayer on TV.

This new version has Sam Raimi's name attached and is directed by Nicolas Pesce and stars Andrea Riseborough and Demian Bichir and it takes place in the same time line as the 2004 version of the film.

The film is release on 3rd January 2020 and you can catch the trailer below.