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The Guardian

20th October
The Guardian

Directed by

Andrew Davis


Kevin Costner
Sela Ward
Melissa Sagemiller
Omari Hardwick
Alex Daniels
Daniel J. Molthen
Andrew Schanno
Adam Peña
Joe Arquette
Gary Billburg
Joshua Mitcheltree
Rusty Tennant
James Barnes
Stephanie Barnes
Andrea Martynowski
Ron Fien
Nevada Smith
Jay Bingham
Keith Sweitzer
Shane Walker
John Heard
Neal McDonough
Joseph Butch Flythe
Robert E. Watson
John F. Hall
Johnell Gainey
Jeff Loftus
Brian Geraghty
Dul Hill
Shelby Fenner
Michael Rady
Peter Gail
Brian Wade
Piscean Maze
Travis Willingham
Matt Laub
Matthew L. Rucker
Tanica Jamison
Paul Wallace
Tilky Jones
Megan Melgaard
Scott Mueller
Jacob Stevens
Austin Lash
Mark Gangloff
Damon Lipari
Roger Edwards
Gregory J. Barnett
Kenny G. Krauss
Gioacchino Brucia
J.D. Evermore
Bryce Cass
Bonnie Bramlett
Richard Davis
James Burton
Tony Brown
Wendall Wayne Stewart
Chris Hambone Cameron
Mark Ohlsen
Gene Barge
Steve Eisen
Josie Aiello
Devin Thompson
Tina Treadwell
Corinne Van Ryck de Groot
Greg Sproles
Ron Dean
Brandon Molale
James Landers
August Kincaid
Jesse De Villa
Eric Norris
Leigh Hennessy
Tanner Gill
Norm Compton
Donald Fisher
Yoshio Iizuka
Thomas Rosales Jr.
Tony Snegoff
Vladimir Tevlovski
Henry Kingi Jr.
Dorian Kingi
Deborah Boone
Roxanne A. Brooks
Conrad E. Palmisano
Michael James
Danny Cosmo
Gene Hartline
John Rottger
Heather Bloom
Dodie Brown
Ray Donn
Zachary Flores
Tim Hickey
Derek Wayne Johnson
Cynthia Riser
Delmaine Samuel

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The Guardian

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The Guardian

UK BBFC Certificate: 12

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Highest chart position: 5

Weeks on box office: 2

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